They were very aware that when they decided to go “all in” on their investment restructure it would cause global conflict resulting in chaos, death and instability which was built into their profit model

Another W for Russia 🤷‍♂️

Additionally, we will no longer initiate new clinical trials in Russia, and we will stop recruiting new patients in our ongoing clinical trials in the country.

I call on all keyboard philosophers to help me with this mystery

If someone travels back in time with a dollar bill from that year and meets a person with that same dollar, which one would cease to exist or would they both remain?

Bank Chiefs Grilled On Restricting Gun Sales Via Firearm-Specific Merchant Codes


The revenge of the material economy

The laptop elites are at war with the masses. Silicon Valley, the City of London and Wall Street want to limit our ability to make and manufacture material goods. Their green obsessions are threatening our common prosperity. In contrast, the masses who produce and transport those goods are now starting to realise that they still have the power to demand better futures for themselves and their families.

Profits are at an all time high

Weeks after BlackRock was included among the Texas Comptroller's list of "fossil fuel boycotters," the company's CEO Larry Fink touted the "tectonic shift" toward decarbonization and ESG's role in accelerating the process at a Clinton Global Initiative event.

Aliens, humans
Angels, demons
Alive, dead

It’s all the same

It is important to stress that all of these numbers are conservative estimates, because they do not include US special operations, covert actions, or domestic deployments.

I don’t put it past them to do 9/11 just to reduce airline liability coverage long term

Are you a non-Jew in a concentration camp?

Seen “Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow” on Netflix yet?

Would the Federal Reserve in coordination with the US government promote gun violence in the form of school shootings to reign in a CBDC?

Willful destruction of government documents, like evidence of voter fraud 😉

The Republican Party has pushed to reign mail-in voting back in, after the practice surged during the 2020 presidential election due to exceptions made for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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