And of course the Podfather himself at the Georgia Food Intelligence Summit


Oh right it was mentioned on the show

@Dhowjen @adam

this is how adam gets to eye level with regular humans...will adam consider a femur 'shortening'? it's all the rage i hear...

@Dhowjen @adam look at him turning his chair backwards to apear "hip" and "in the know" to appeal to the young kids.

@Dhowjen @adam “lookie here kids. Back in the day, we had this thing called RSS”

@Dhowjen @adam I wish I could still on a chair like that. My hips hurt just looking at it.

@Dhowjen @adam I can hear JCD advising "That last bullet point needs a larger font size, in BOLD and italics, maybe underlined and highlighted in Yellow"

@Dhowjen @adam the font size on the panel was small. Hard to read from 10 meters and up.

@Dhowjen @adam what's on the agenda on a food intel summit? Spying on cabbage? Or more like: still get food when the governments rather not let you have it?

@Dhowjen fascinating
Wonder if he will come with an open source solution

@RyzomeRyan @jza @adam

The Beef Initiative should be publishing the full audio as podcasts. I might be able to help you get it though.

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