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Romans 12:1 from the Greek:

I exhort therefore you, brothers, through the compassions of God to present the bodies of you a sacrifice living, holy to God well-pleasing which is reasonable service of you.

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I'm raising money for people who have lost their jobs due to medical mandates. If you feel led to donate, please do, but more importantly, spread the word to those you know that need assistance or refer them yourself.

Thank you, @MountainJay for the excellent logo.

You can contact me here or at [email protected]


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Humans are natural creatures, and when we move away from natural foods, work, and leisure, we lose our natural vitality, intuition, and spirit.

Our departure from Nature is not recent but has been ongoing for generations. The phenomena was not designed, but the trend has been recognized by powerful factions.

The people in these factions aren't exceptionally intelligent. They are simple people who seek to maintain power and influence without realizing the inevitable outcomes of their agendas.

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Bravely trust your intuition, and live freely.

We are meant to look, think, feel, and act differently.

This is true diversity, and it facilitates powerful beauty.

Boost the Millennial Media Offensive tonight during the live stream starting at 6:30 ET.

Funniest comment wins 50,000 satoshis.


Why haven't you watched 2000 mules?

American leadership must be made to tremble when considering the domestic consequences of prolonging or entering war in Europe.

If there are any Americans to blame for war in Europe, it is our leaders of government and industry. Let them and anyone supporting their personas go and fight.

American citizens should accept no fault for the vulnerabilities of European nations.

American blood for European wars under no circumstances.

Just did Dan Carlin's War Remains VR experience of a WW1 trench. 9/10 highly recommend.

We've gotta get rid of industrial seed oils. If we don't, it'll be unbearably painful to look at people in 5 years.

High school troll builds semiconductor fab in his parent’s garage for the LULZ

“The reason for doing it was honestly because I thought it would be funny,” he says. “I wanted to make a statement that we should be more careful when we hear that something’s impossible.”

This morning, Pastor pointed out that cosmic background radiation could be cosmic energy being reflected off of water, and this idea holds up to scripture's description of the "firmament" separating the waters above the Earth and the waters of the Earth.

The Hebrew word raqui was translated to "firmament" but is more literally translated as "expanse".

The waters above the Earth still exist, and they mark the boundaries of our universe.

Would people here be interested in weekly workout tutorial or instructional to follow for the week? I’d provide instructional modifications for how to perform at home or variations of movement.

Following the instructions is entirely of your own volition and risk.

Poll to follow:

In search of FAA part 107 testing materials, resources, tips, tricks, or refunds.

Head of Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region, Vitaly Kim, has revealed a secret force was created to eliminate 'traitors' - citizens who cooperate with Russian forces

America in 1770's:
"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise"

American Congress Today:
Let's incentivize people to go to bed and wake up later.

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