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Romans 12:1 from the Greek:

I exhort therefore you, brothers, through the compassions of God to present the bodies of you a sacrifice living, holy to God well-pleasing which is reasonable service of you.

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Bravely trust your intuition, and live freely.

We are meant to look, think, feel, and act differently.

This is true diversity, and it facilitates powerful beauty.


Can anyone help me troubleshoot connecting to the stream?

Error is invalid username / password, but I've confirmed they're both correct.

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The signal intensifies! Life is better on the offensive.

MMO needs YOU to join the offensive. We're live Sunday following the No Agenda show.

@Wiirdo maybe this is you. If so, OTO.


Boomer women are unbelievably hung up on the what is a woman meme.

"As a woman for x years, I KNOW WHAT A WOMAN IS."

Like it's some kind of sick burn to everyone else who obviously refuses to acknowledge womanhood.

Congratulations, grandma, you have a conviction. Too bad we didn't know that until after Matt Walsh put together the most successful nursing home routine in history.

"70% of antibiotics administered worldwide are administered to feedlot animals."

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And of course the Podfather himself at the Georgia Food Intelligence Summit


Charles Mayfield of Farrow Skincare at the Georgia Food Intelligent Summit.

Didn't get any good pictures of the Heritage Women's panel, but it happened, and it's one of the most important facets of the movement.

The Meat Mafia podcast hosts at the Georgia Food Intelligence Summit.

@Dhowjen @NameRedacted Thanks for sharing your episode, really enjoyed it!

I liked how you mention having variety when addressing the “quiet quitting” conversation. The job may not be something that is enjoyable, but may work the different part of the brain than what comes naturally to someone. Sometimes you have to do things that you may not like to work towards the things you do.

Checked into the Beef Initiative and found this in our cabin! I am super excited to both try this out and for the weekend here in general!

Who else am I going to see in Bluffton?! @adam @Dhowjen

> President champions unions

> Union threatens to shut down nation


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Episode 2 1:05:44
Hearing “were fucked” right as I was like “what time is it?”
11:11 am 😭

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