the CDC is now recommending that you wear your socks backwards

trying a new fad diet where you eat nothing but peanut butter filled pretzels

"Perspectives on the Pandemic | Knut Wittkowski, PhD

His hypothesis is that lockdowns prolong herd immunity long enough to breed new variants so that the cycle of lockdown and vaccination has to continue forever.

The conclusion is that eventually a variant will arise that is so genetically similar to human genes that the immune system cannot fight it without fighting the body, thus creating an artificial autoimmune disease.

Worth a watch before it gets taken down!

drinking bleach and smoking parmesan cheese, am I doing this right?

anybody want to invest in my Hadoop startup?

excuse me would you like to attend my WEBINAAAAAAAR

I’m sure all of you remember this story but I didn’t know the woman had written her side of the story as well on Medium (linking to an archived page so Medium doesn’t get a penny)

Screenshots are from the man’s (co-worker) point of view.

Working While Female

every time I get an unsolicited invite to a webinar, I die a little bit inside

how cold is it? I'm wearing sweatpants under my jeans

Where did it come from, where did it go?
Where did it come from, cotton-eyed Joe?

This is @DelishVeg from the NAS Trust & Safety team here to remove you for your harmful content

“You know this minor thing you need to do that would take like 10 minutes of your time? What if you avoided it until it turns into a huge problem! And also you can be anxious about not doing it every day until you do it!”

My brain, every single time

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