@Genen Sometimes I do the measurements at Climat sites. (said like this: Cli mat sites) Locations that are in the countryside on farms, where the land use has not changed for 100 years.

At climat sites we have a collection of old and new measuring devices that compare old and new measurement types.

These sites often have 100 year old glass and mercury thermometers, and we have wind up mechanical temperature and humidity graphing machines from the Victorian days.

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@Genen Wind farms have the generators in clusters, often on a hill top, because the wind blows faster over a hill top than across the plain.

A lot of long distance power transfer is done on DC transmission because it is more efficient. We will get better at building he stuff, the more we build. Search for DC transmission map.

All power generation has constant maintenance to keep it working.

@Genen @DudeNamedBenNamedBen

Good podcast in general, it's always little details that some pedant is going to pick up and have a whinge about.

I live in a country where DC power links have been installed for, I don't know, 60 years. My dad worked on the project.

90% of electricity is from renewable today. USA could do this by installing loads of geothermal. You have this huge national park full with volcanoes.

Then DC link it all over the country. Easy fix.

FYI - the wind farms near Palm Springs CA are near the freeway, not on a hilltop. There is a gap in the mountains there and a pretty steady wind (one way or the other). At least two or three generations of windmills over the years.


@mhjohnson @Genen Yes, there are various geographical features that the wind funnels through.

If there is a localised area where the wind accelerates then that is a fairly good location.

West wind is on the hills at the end of the North island, the wind, roaring 40s, blows through the strait, which is a dip in the mountain chains.

Tararua wind farm is in a gap in the mountains too.

White hill wind farm is a hill on a plain.

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