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Yeah, me too.

Go to a search engine, type in "public banking institute girl", first video result.

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@DazzaNZ @Sir_JBoy @genXr @[email protected] 10 years ago and how many of us learned? the same ppl that were already awake.

at this pace, get ready for some crunchy bugs!

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Yep, on the bugs vs real food, I am going to grow real food, I can always feed the bugs to a chicken and eat the eggs.

@DazzaNZ My hometown advertises itself as a "right to farm" community, because apparently that's not standard in Massachusetts... 🤪


Most places in New Zealand, you can keep some back yard chickens. And grow stuff on your front yard and eat it.

I have plated a couple of rows of fruit trees, it's an orchard.

Later, when I sell my house, a mature orchard will be a big selling point, especially when apples cost $15/kg.

You can even sell your produce at your front gate.

@DazzaNZ Many towns in Mass restrict what you can do on your own land, to the point that you often cannot even plant a garden to grow food for yourself. The town I live in allows you to grow whatever you want, as well as keep chickens, but this is rare in the area

@karys There are probably some fake fancy neighbourhoods, where you get a fine for not mowing your lawn between 9am and 11am on Thursdays, but only new immigrants want to live there.

Most normal people don't like that stuff, and everyone normal person wants to be allowed to change the engine in their car in the driveway, if they want to, even if they own four electric cars. That's an electric VW golf.

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