I got into the fedi game mostly because of the technology and its implications. But it has been a rather stark experience being here, as compared to any other social network. A good experience.

Twitter is essentially just a narrative and a memey opposition — I don’t think that’s anything special, but rather the result of their forumless central forum and the social environment that creates. Facebook is better at simulating locality if used properly, but literally no one uses it properly, nor do they want to. The people others want to follow on Facebook aren’t their family members, it’s brands. Same with Instagram, but with less flexibility in communication. But fedi… Fedi’s the only place I can see return-to-pagan nazis, women-are-women feminists, hardcore anti-tankie ancoms, purist anarchotranshumanists, purist hackers, and people who just don’t give a fuck and want to have fun conversations in the same place. And while the network effects of fediblock are huge, they are partially mitigated by the fact that you can spin up a server whenever you want with as little as a Raspberry Pi and DuckDNS.

Fedi’s also far more multicultural than Twitter. Twitter makes it hard, without directly following people, to track information in other languages if you mostly post in English. But around here I can follow Polish-speakers, Japanese-speakers, Francophones, and in the very least keep up in practicing reading the languages as well as seeing the world through their perspectives.

I don’t tend to have a repulsion response to other people’s perspectives. Not immediately, at least; I genuinely just want to understand people. I want to learn what they have to offer, and while others might disagree I think every node in the fediverse has something to offer, no matter how supposedly disagreeable.

It’s this love of people that will keep me here around fedi, slowly building up new nodes where I find a cute domain. I can’t set this up as fast as @sjw, but if I take my time I might be able to make something truly valuable to my users.

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Awesome quote from Lex Fridman's podcast with Robert Breedlove. I had never thought about it this way:

Money is the base layer operating system for human moral action - @breedlove22

When I interviewed John McAfee in December 2019, he told me that Hillary Clinton and James Comey wanted him dead.
Listen for yourself: thatlarryshow.com/episode-236-

"As we just saw under Covid we are running one centralized experiment and that one centralized experiment is too dangerous with this many stupid people in positions of leadership." --Eric Weinstein (1:35:05) on What Bitcoin Did #356 podcast

Another excellent day for Mastodon. About 3,000 people, above and beyond what's normal, joined Mastodon.

+4,276 in the last day

Dmitry Orlov and Vladimir Putin believe the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”

Why Countries Collapse paulcraigroberts.org/2021/06/1

The Debian Project hosts all its development IRC channels on irc.oftc.net and also has a thriving community on irc.libera.chat. The Debian Project no longer has control of #debian on the freenode IRC network. We thank the former freenode staff for their tireless work over many years. Please read wiki.debian.org/IRC for more information about Debian IRC channels.

@breedlove22 just fyi, the show notes included with each of your podcast episodes has a social section. That social section doesn't include Mastodon. Maybe add it?

Wow, about 9X increases in new user count by day. Typically, about 1,000 people join Mastodon per day.

[email protected] - 4,533,049 accounts
+31 in the last hour
+8,951 in the last day
+17,148 in the last week

Michigan changed mask requirements. If your vaccinated a mask is optional. It's been reported about 60% are vaccinated. I was at a store today in Michigan. About 20% of the people in the store were not wearing a mask. Good to see things starting to get back to normal.

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