Found this while researching some things... a group of Republicans were trying to pass legislation to make fathers pay for unborn child support... i.e. be required to help pay any medical costs prior to birth. But Planned Parenthood, and hence the Democrats, are blocking it! The irony.

House passes Bill HR7910 (with 8 Republicans voting for it).... and it says: "‘‘The term ‘manufacturing firearms’ shall include assembling a functional firearm or molding, machining, or 3D printing a frame or receiver, and shall not include making or fitting special barrels, stocks, or trigger mechanisms to firearms.’’... So, "assembling a functional firearm" is illegal without a firearm manufacturer's license? WTF? How do I clean my gun?

still bad, but only LEGAL immigrants... SACRAMENTO - Editor's Note: Skinner’s bill would only allow legal immigrants who are in the US on a green card or another form of legal visa to become police officers. It would not allow undocumented immigrants to become police officers in California, as that would be a violation of federal law.

1972: "A rich but racist man is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man's body. His health deteriorates rapidly, and doctors are forced to transplant his head onto the only available candidate: a black man from death row."

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