@CoffeeFingers Good... you didn't waste years of your life watching it like I did.

@CoffeeFingers Do you remember the show "Lost"? Probably something like that...

Hanging out in Crawford Colorado waiting for the Beef Initiative Conference to kick off. Apparently Joe Cocker lived here and was buried in the city cemetery.

@RobEslinger It happens... lol. I can probably blame Shinner Bock also.

@Ariesian1 I like hiking... I did part of the AT in 2019... 6000 ft is more my jam lol. I'd probably die if I tried the rockies right now.

@SirSpencer I should have room left... I'm currently out of town right now though. I need to be sitting at my desktop to properly focus. Should be home this weekend. I'll reach out and see if the seat is still available. Thanks for the opportunity.

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