Hanging out in Crawford Colorado waiting for the Beef Initiative Conference to kick off. Apparently Joe Cocker lived here and was buried in the city cemetery.

Mmmm... Beer. Stuck in Colorado for a day or two, wish me luck.

Made some stickers to hand out at the next Piney Woods Meetup.

Sounds about right... Taco Bell at midnight after a bender though...😍

Stumbled across this gem on Prime... "Vibes" starring Peter Falk, Cyndi Lauper and yes... that's Jeff Goldblum. @fletcher @CarBlanez33

Stuck in Lakeland Fl for the evening... Thankfully they have stuff to do here.

The NA meetup earlier today was pretty damn cool! 10 of us total and nobody was the spook, so perhaps all of us were the spook...
TYFYC @Danjwhite45 for setting it up

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