Random thought I have from time to time in regard to my cellphone. Why do I pay for a product that constantly sells me stuff, tracks me and harvests my data for the sellers of said products? Shouldn’t they be bidding to be the one to provide it to me?

See this yet? Can't remember.
"CBS News: the mom in Uvalde who police handcuffed, and who ran into the school to rescue her children, says that law enforcement called her with a threat: if she talked to the media about the police response she would face an obstruction of justice charge"
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A thread about school shootings


There seems to be some good references in this thread. I should point out that there were gun clubs and training at schools back when I was a kid.

I also do NOT recall much wall to wall coverage of shootings (other than JFK & Oswald, maybe CNN & Reagan too). The MDM today seems to be obsessed by them.

Hat tip to "Not the Bee" for pointing this out.

Stole this from the survival podcast, interesting testimony about what’s happening to Pilot/Flying J.

The first step to being accepted for who you are is to shut up about it.

A year ago I was sitting on a rocky outcrop in the Appalachians.
Pitch dark moonless night. A trillion stars in the sky. There were thousands of Lightning Bugs twinkling all around me.
It was surreal, like I was floating through a black space.
Soon I will be returning.

Came to a show to see John Moreland in Fayetteville, AR and guess what our table number is? I also had to pay for a 3 top to get only two of us in. Guess I gotta quit being a douche-bag and donate soon.

Just getting into this community over the last year. So much stuff to learn after my amigdula shrinks. I was a Rogan listener and haven’t listened since he switched to Spotify. Not hating on Rogan just so into the NA show.

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