I should really do something productive, but I’ve been sucked into bemused scrolling of the

Dear feminazis organizing a mass sex strike,

This is called abstinence. It’s what we’ve been suggesting for you for a long time. I guess we won both inside and outside the courts.

Just opened my New Podcast App to listen to the latest NA. I laughed for a long long time when I saw the show title for Sunday’s episode. Probably the funniest stand-alone show title ever.

When your refreshing the podcast app all evening wonder what’s taking so long and that surely the 2 hour start time push couldn’t possibly be making it this late.

Then you realize that it’s Wednesday, not Thursday. Tomorrow will be better.

Is NYC subway still mask required? We’d kind of like to just walk around and see stuff in Manhattan, but not up for driving in.

My friend found this posted on a farming forum she is on a few days ago and forwarded it to me. >>>It's long but keep reading.

The foolishness of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this out, folks--- the lefties are now going after diesel powered farm equipment and want electric tractors and combines.
A close friend farms over 10,000 acres of corn in the mid-west. The property is spread out over 3 counties. His operation is a "partnership farm" with John Deere.

@DanielStone @adam first of all my refutation stands. Nobody doing an hour of TV daily can write that much material especially as unplugged as he is. But the giveaway is when he is not there and uses a guest host the material is almost identical in style. How's that work?

@adam @Johncdvorak

In response to the question “Tucker 2024?”:

“I’ve spent a lot of time in a lot of places. I always end up liking the people by the time I leave. I have no doubt that would be the case anywhere I go.

“I lived for 25 years in DC. Those people are all clinically insane. They neglect how the people close to them feel, and care only about whether people they’ve never met like them. I really don’t want to spend another minute there.”

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@adam @Johncdvorak
IMO that’s why he’s so popular - his reaction to the insanity of his guests is the same as his audience because he isn’t at all prepared which gives him the freedom to instinctively push back/draw out what the audience would want him to.

Well, at least compared to the other talking heads. He obviously still frequently misses the logical followups, but does the best of any of them.

He referred to being the #1 cable news show as the best plane falling out of the sky. 🤣

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@adam @Johncdvorak
Reads a lot of history. Mostly original source material.

Product of Rhode Island “high society” (he and wife went to boarding school, and they sent their kids to same boarding school)

Overall, though, it seems like he writes his monologue himself (I think JCD always tended to refute that). Judging by his lack of media consumption, he must have a booker and go in cold to interviews.

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@adam @Johncdvorak
Boots on the ground from Midwest Homeschool Convention where Tucker Carlson keynoted. He gave some details on his process that relate to some things discussed on the show.

His owns words - don’t have any reason to believe he’s lying.

He has a studio in his barn. Doesn’t go into the office. Doesn’t use internet, email, social media at all. Gets news sent via text and that’s all he consumes.

Writes ~2200 word monologue each afternoon. 1:5 have to be funny (to him at least)

Once I get a minute to type up a longer thread I have a boots on the ground report from Midwest Homeschool Convention where Tucker Carlson keynoted. Have some detes on his workflow, schedule, studio setup, methods. Stay tuned.

@DanielStone — great advice. 🥰

It was very illuminating for me when I’d hear Stefan Molyneaux push back when people would say an abusive family member of theirs was “crazy”.

He’d ask, “Did they treat you like that in public? Around people they wanted to think well of them? No?? Well, then, they weren’t crazy (with random, uncontrollable behavior), they were calculating.”

That helped me become even more dedicated to treating my family members the same way in private as I do in public.

A note to all parents:

If you’ve ever taught or interacted with other people’s kids, you know something about yourself.

You can be a better version of you for other people. You can be that better person to your own family, too. Let’s try that.

@furgar @Murray_N @NoBeret @Effortless

Got my Substack up and running. First post is the State Secession Amendment that was conceptualized in regards to election fraud.

We’ll see if I stick with writing long enough to make anything of myself in that space.


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