Rod Dreher really outlines how bad it's gotten in the medical profession, and in the culture. Not new news here but this is a really good take.

Now is a little late to start to listen to the show, isn't it?

Can't wait for the next Trump documentary (like "2000 Mules"); I assume it will be titled "33 Boxes".


Holy shit, for being a big computer guy JCD doesn't know crap about Excel. First introduction to Format Cells? Doesn't have wrap text as a shortcut on the toolbar so he can super quick format note text? After almost 1,500 shows?

Next up I'll introduce keyboard shortcuts for common formulas like SUM.

For tips on how to boot your TRS-80, email [email protected]

Apparently I cannot be stopped from listening to Donald Fagen's "Brite Nightgown" due to its colossal wit and funky grooves.

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