Just a thanks to all those night shift slaves who keep our just-in-time world cobbled together for one more day.

Spike-free, drug-free, soy-free Pureblood Patriot Brand O-negative pureblood now available! $2,000/pint. Pre-order now while supplies last! Pairs great with Tonic Masculinity, the cocktail that built western civilization (RIP).

Nice to see the USPS celebrating one of the many cemeteries of our culture as we usher in the soylent back better. At least the young didn’t have to suffer through the smell of a V8 cooking Texas black gold into American girl tingles, or the feel of a perfectly timed clutch underfoot, or the explosions under the hood that you hear deep down in yer belly as the pedal hits the metal and that Goodyear mustache curl of smoke marinates every envious kid still riding a bike in toxic masculinity.

Just priced my "health insurance" plan. Self-employed, individual non-smoker 40's male. United Healthcare "Bronze Essential+ 'low Premium'" plan is the lowest priced option at $510/Mo with $8,700 deductible. This isn't even the catastrophic plan, of which I am ineligible anyhow. Thoughts on alternative programs are appreciated!

Wow you are fast! Thanks so much. Glad to be a part of NAM.

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