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Honestly, there's bad behavior all-around from President Trump's tweets to the Four House Women of the Apocalypse to Pelosi. Nobody is coming out of this looking good. What a mess!

It's not the same store and owners, though. We'll see if they can manage to stay open this time and attract people in the doors.'re-back-toys-

If you don't go see Terminator, you're all misogynists! :P

Play stupid games... win stupid death. What a genuinely stupid reason and way to decide to get yourself killed.

BREAKING: Massive Power Outage In Midtown, Times Square, Other Sections Of Manhattan, Thousands Affected

Soooooo.... if you're trying to convince the people of a nation you're already trespassing into that it's not an invasion, maybe this isn't the smartest move. I mean, what's the universal act of invading and taking over another nation? Isn't this it?

OMG I actually joked about that recently... and there it is. OMG I actually joked about that recently... and there it is. If this is true, they're just going full-on stupid at Disney.

"Pocahontas Reportedly the Next Live Action Remake"

Can't say I'm surprised. In an effort to be completely unoriginal by wasting time on remaking, they managed to somehow ALSO make it so much less appealing and unattractive to watch. They're barely expressive and they look awful. The animated film was a glorious work of art in animation, style, music, direction, writing... pretty much in every element of the filmmaking process, really.

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