They tried to mock Trump with this...It had the opposite effect.

@Dan_Ramos That's is awesome. When was this and where? Is there a full footage of it?

@Arohkz @Dan_Ramos 2019 Italy Carnevale di Viareggio parade.

Dazivostri on the sword means God Emperor in Italian.

@Jradical @Arohkz @Dan_Ramos If you don't know, the God Emperor is part of Warhammer 40K lore. He is "the greatest embodiment of universal order", and is the protector of the all Mankind against Chaos by establishing a strict theocracy called the Imperium of Man.

@ned @Jradical @Dan_Ramos I know it is Warhammer related. I have also seen Japanese cartoon art trying to make fun of Trump, but it made him look awesome. We are space marines.... FOR THE EMPEROR!!!!

@AdamAtSea @Arohkz @ned @Jradical @Dan_Ramos oh man been a while since i've seen this. some vintage internet there.

@Jradical @Arohkz @Dan_Ramos

The Carnevale celebrations in Italy are fantastic, and several have incredible structures like this. Viareggio is probably the biggest and most storied after Venice, but lots of other good ones - Fano, Ivrea, Acireale, and others.

@Dan_Ramos This was by far, the most surreal thing I've ever seen manifest in the real world.

@Dan_Ramos @Greycoop
This is mind-blowing. I'm trying to understand this, and the whole "Ultra-MAGA-King" thing, and all I can come up with is that the progtards have so thoroughly internalized the idea that men are supposed to be women that they can't understand they combined the two most powerful male Jungian archetypes (warrior and king) and projected them on Trump. Because they have rejected real masculinity, they can't understand why Trump supporters embrace their images.

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