@Dan_Ramos -- Well, this is embarrassing. Java came first and Javascript has nothing to do with Java except sharing part of the name.

Javascript was originally Netscape's scripting language for it's browser.

@TikToc Javascript was originally ECMAscript before the name change. Sometimes it was STILL being referred to as ECMAscript. I was there. I remember it. Heh! :P

@Dan_Ramos -- Well, that's interesting in that the narrative is that it started as LiveScript in 1995 within Netscape and then submitted to ECMA International in 1996 as JavaScript with the first ECMAScript language specification being generated in 1997. I was also around back then. But, this is all just splitting hairs.

@TikToc Maaaaybe? I definitely remember it being referenced as ECMAscript long before I heard it being called Javascript. Hrmm... but I definitely remember that it wasn't Javascript initially and the first label I remember seeing was ECMAscript. I don't think I ever remembered Livescript being related but you might be right--the time seems to line up pretty well. I also remember, even further back, Java itself was originally named Oak. STOP NAMING EVERYTHING WITH JAVA IN IT!!! ;)

@Dan_Ramos -- LiveScript was Netscapes' internal name for JavaScript. It only became "Java" when it was pushed outwards in an attempt to capitalize on the success of Java. Netscape then submitted it to ECMA to get it internationalized for use by other companies. Netscape wanted to be seen as a leader in software to rival Microsoft, which ultimately won out with Internet Explorer. Or, at least that's how I remember it. 🙂


@Dan_Ramos @TikToc Java was both a platform software platform and a scripting platform from Sun Microsystems, Javascript was a collaboration of Netscape and Sun to make a scripting language for Navigator which follows the ECMAscript standard, and Oak was developed for a set top box that I believe Sun Microsystems never did production on and Oracle scrapped or pushed to another division. They REALLY should have picked some different names for things to avoid confusion.

It's on /r/programmerhumor, so fits right in with other posts there 😆

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