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"Peak Orwell - Facebook Has Locked Me Out Among Other Injustices (THE SAAD TRUTH_1224)"

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@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak
I understand the frustration and the Orwellian view, but like @adam says this is "a" means of communicating. He has not been sanctioned or prosecuted by a government, or locked in a gulag. I see this response as affirming FBs power and place as the only way we can communicate. Remove their power and cancel your account and move elsewhere.The more it is done the better we will all be. But yes. Disgusting and persuasive in it's narrative to the useful idiots.

@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak This is a very smart and patriotic man. Obviously he is frustrated by the idiocy he is facing. I’m gonna try to hit him in the mouth; see if we can’t onboard him to NA and V4V.

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