Left leaning isn't a problem. The problem is leaning so far to the left that you've hit the ground and you're tripping people walking by.


A lot of commenters are drawing a distinction between "liberal" and "left". Liberal/conservative differ on government size, and problem solving (seek new as opposed to applying old).

Left brings in intolerance, violence, censorship, and destruction of a wide range of existing structures--societal and physical.


@vandys The right do that as well when you take it to its extremes. All the same elements are there except they're being done for different reasons and by different entities.

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@Dan_Ramos I guess KKK and Antifa are the extremes of the scale...

@vandys I guess? Antifa seems more anarchist bent. KKK seem more Democratic party bent. They're extreme for sure just not sure they're on different ends of that left/right spectrum so much as a more 2D spectrum on the left.

@vandys Mind you.. I'm just spewing what I'm thinking--and I'm not a historian or a political scientist. It's just how I see it.

@Dan_Ramos @vandys
I'm an historian, and I see very few Liberals anymore; most have gone Indy, Blue Dog Dems are disappearing.

What the M5M wants to call "Liberal" is really Progressive/Socialist.

No actual Liberal would ever support trashing the 1st Amendment. That's why/how the Tim Pools of the world voted for Trump & now criticize the Media/Dems/Elitist hard...

@BlueDouche @Dan_Ramos @vandys true. Liberals these days are exceedingly illiberal.

"To be a liberal means to believe in human freedom. It means to believe in human beings. ...cherishes freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of action, limited by only one thing: the protection of the freedom of others". ~Dorothy Thompson, Political Guide: A Study of American Liberalism and Its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States, 1938

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