@Dan_Ramos well, the type of bomb they're checking for is described at en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_t :

"each bomber would board a plane with the "necessary ingredients and equipment". They would then construct the devices mid-flight and detonate them"

So the liquid wouldn't detonate on its own.

(sorry to ruin the joke :0000: though indeed airport security is a large part theatre)

@raboof I'm not sure it still ruins the joke since the constituent ingredients would still end up in the bin and they COULD effectively do the same thing... there.

In any case, yeah... it's theater. Theater is great but not when it's imposed on me. heh

Don't forget *you* are paying for the orangutans that steal your fucking toothpaste. That's where (some of) the money under the “airport tax” heading in your ticket goes to.

@0 You're a jerk. That was absolutely unnecessary. You insulted orangutans unnecessarily!

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