I'd never heard of plasma cosmology before. Fascinating concept.

@Dan_Ramos electric universe is dope. I'm still trying to figure out what this guy is talking about but I think he's onto something

@hippieNdisguise I'm not sure I'm quite ready to jump into it fully since gravity still seems more certain but it's still interesting enough to keep it tucked away in the back of my brain in case something DOES click even better with it--like that flashing phenomenon. For all we know, there might be a little truth to this AND the big bang model.... or both could be wrong. These black holes are still a relatively recent phenomenon in our human history's observations and calculations.

@Dan_Ramos @hippieNdisguise my chemistry teacher, who was also a catholic brother. Not a full on priest, but still a “man of the cloth” spoke about this back in the early 80s. He said the universe wasn’t always like it is now. Spoke about the different forces, and how electricity and magnetism worked in the universe, and that conventional physics doesn’t explain the ancient stories of planets and gods. He also warned that this stuff was considered crackpot by most scientists

@ChrisWilson @Dan_Ramos some reasons I'm skeptical about atomism is particles begin to express magical abilities the smaller they get, and the whole education system is designed to compartmentalize understanding, to give us incorrect preceptions of reality. Doesn't mean I don't believe in chemistry or dismiss real physics, I just think the social engineers and gatekeepers of "science" simply omit as much about Tesla as possible and promote Einstein like a celebrity for a reason.

@ChrisWilson @Dan_Ramos
Having said that I don't pretend to understand how in an aether based realm the compressions and perturbations quite cause this reality to manifest, or where the conscious choice of force comes from. Gravity is magnetism though that makes more sense to me than the theory of gravity, being it's own field separate to strong/weak nuclear fields. I don't know I'm just blabbering, might as well be telling you how to build a light saber.

@hippieNdisguise @ChrisWilson Ultimately, we're all just trying to figure out the universe and don't truly know anything yet. We have to perform a LOT more observations. That being said, this is a fascinating theory in as much as conventional gravity theories are. For all we know, maybe we just need to build that starship so we can go right up to a black hole and jiggle the handle to stop the flushing. :)

Here's another one for you. I didn't realize how little I knew about the water cycle until I heard this talk. Gives an appreciation for just how powerful electric charge is:

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