Good! Finally! Now that it's over, will you please stop playing legal tightwad licensing games and fix Star Trek?

@Dan_Ramos Unfortunately Jar Jar Abrams still has contracts for his new 25% different flavor of star trek which needs to go away first.

Apparently its similar to what may be making Star Wars bad too. Some talk about Lucas retaining a 25% license agreement for old characters.

@Klaatu I thought his contracts were through Paramount for HIS version of the likenesses and the rights to them. In any case, nobody outside of CBS and Paramount (and the people involved) truly know but that's what I thought what the rumor had indicated. Now that they're merged, they should have the ability to pick and choose whatever they want despite that contract through Paramount. No?

@Dan_Ramos Most people thought the Kelvin timeline branched off the old TOS TNG DS9 VGR timeline but the 25% diff rule was applied to the whole timeline with Abrams making his own TOS forward parallel main timeline so Disc & Picard & anything else they make come under his license. That looks to be under CBS/VIACOM whereas Kelvin movies were under Paramount/VIACOM so can CBS kick him out or will he say they signed under VIACOM Pre-split & its now an inherited twice contract?

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