@adam @Johncdvorak

Wow! Verizon just sold off Tumblr to Automattic (owners of WordPress) for $3 million (after Verizon bought it from Yahoo for about $1.1 billion).

"Tumblr is DEAD! Sold for NEXT TO NOTHING!"

@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak But who would BUY it? Even at 3M? I'm surprised it didn't just go the way of geocities. Also I used to have a geocities site - it's where I learned to do HTML stuff back in the day.

@PakkonenCT @Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak if I recall they had a purge a while back for porn etc. “brand friendly” killed the userbase

@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak
*Yahoo* bought Tumblr for 1.1 billion (Verizon later bought Yahoo for 4.8 billion).

@Dan_Ramos @adam @Johncdvorak what is the point of WordPress owning Tumblr? They was as well just port everything over to wordpress instances and keep the URL.

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