"Babylon Bee CEO: 'How funny is it that CNN is coming after us for spreading disinformation?'"


My my my myyyyy corona!

"First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state"


The Marvel and DC movies are doing alright but... the print/digital comics are flailing badly, based on all sorts of numbers (issue purchases, dollars, etc). (Ironically, manga and small publishers are doing great in recent years!)



"A Break in the Quest for the Quantum Speed Limit

'When you see that, you know you’re touching on something very, very deep and fundamental.'"


@adam @Johncdvorak

"President Trump is accused of two offenses, neither is a crime.
Article 1: Abuse of Power — broad and undefined non-criminal action.
Article 2: Obstruction of Congress — Not a crime and completely made up charge"

"The Starr report cited 11 specific possible grounds for impeachment in four categories:
Five counts of lying under oath
Four counts of obstruction of justice
One count of witness tampering
One count of abuse of constitutional authority"


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@adam audio clip for NA: making Indian accent is now rayciss so Simpsons cancels Alu character:


"Report: Over 1,700 Infected with Chinese Virus - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE"


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Andrew Torba: "CNN Airs Hot Mic of Sanders and Warren Bickering …" | gab.com - Gab Social gab.com/a/posts/10349057991329

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