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"Police Crash With Protesters After Driver Killed In Brooklyn Center"


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"Protests erupt in Minnesota after police shoot, kill Black man during traffic stop"


Watch "Star Wars Social Media Accounts Go RADIO SILENT?!" on YouTube

Watch "The Future of Hong Kong | China Unscripted" on YouTube youtu.be/2h08bG7BgHE


Watch "3 young children found stabbed to death in Reseda; mother arrested in Central California I ABC7" on YouTube youtu.be/wdQMkXH-TS8

Watch "Watch Ruth Bader Ginsburg oppose court packing in past interview | Flashback" on YouTube

But I was assured that the science was in!

'Tantalizing' results of 2 experiments defy physics rulebook

Those last couple of minutes of the video about his father are particularly interesting but the whole thing is fascinating.

Watch "VFX Artists React to SNYDER CUT Justice League Bad & Great CGi" on YouTube

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It's a scam in the first place. A lot of other states don't do this and I don't understand what the benefits are that those other states are missing out on.

RMV Inspection Sticker Issues Leave Mass. Drivers, Auto Shops Frustrated – CBS Boston

Interesting. I've been deeply into Linux for years and hadn't heard of this one until now. I might need to look into this one.

TechRepublic: MXLinux is the most downloaded Linux desktop distribution, and now I know why.

Watch "YouTube Pleads POVERTY While SURPRESSING Certain Content Creators in the Algorithm?!" on YouTube youtu.be/v4HxAdA9NBE

My God! That 1986 Transformers the Movie edition of Grimlock is a big boy! Excellent painted-on details too! No stickers and just looks and feels solid with a LOT of articulation.

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