There's some more of that "transitory inflation" still hanging around!

Facing Higher Grocery Prices, Shoppers Change Habits - The New York Times

Former Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Developer Attacks People On “The Right” Says They “Systematically Oppress Others” And “Kill Black People Without Consequences”

America's southern border has collapsed.

"NEW: Our drone video of the enormous group that just crossed illegally into private property here in Eagle Pass, TX 1 hour ago. This has happened here every day in the last week. A TX soldier tells us there have been 2,000+ crossings in this specific spot in last 8 days."

Joe Biden's last press interview was on February 10 — 96 days ago.

Watch "Before American Sign Language, we had "Hand Talk"" on YouTube

Watch "VFX Artists DEBUNK CSi "ENHANCE" Effects" on YouTube

"I fear Elon Musk could undermine the ideological diversity, equity and inclusion at Twitter which currently maintains a careful balance of 98.7% for one side."

"Source: Data from Open Secrets, a nonprofit political spending database by the Center for Responsive Politics, published in Vox, October 31, 2018."

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Watch "VFX Artists DEBUNK CSi "ENHANCE" Effects" on YouTube

In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers have demonstrated a novel attack surface that could allows to be executed on the while the phone is "OFF".


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Enjoy your Lunar Eclipse, tonight (Credit Jean-Francois Gout)

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