First day of work: "so like when do we get our rasies? I mean, like I worked really hard to get here and like can't even afford an apartment to like sing and dance and get away from the cow farts and like I need money! Like Orange man bad!" ~ AOC

But seriously... can we make this an Olympic sport?

As I understood it, recycling metals has always worked pretty well and doesn't need much energy and causes very little pollution. Glass isn't too far behind. Those two are worthwhile. Recycling paper and plastics is filthy and wastes a LOT of energy, causes more pollution than it saves and uses a lot of chemicals that then need to be processed and create more pollution to replace and clean up.

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@Dan_Ramos oh FFS! If Facebook can't get this shit right we are all doomed.

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Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly restricting access to diagnostic and repair data through wireless technologies. This means car owners are steered toward more expensive dealer repair options.

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