If you’re a fan of GITS or “Eden of the East” none of this BS is surprising whatsoever.

“New” anime along the same lines by Cowboy Bebop people: “Terror of Resonance.”

“EXPOSED| Pentagon Funded Digital Weapons Democrats Deployed On Americans -” toresays.com/2020/05/04/expose

“ Until this year, TB and its deadly allies, H.I.V. and malaria, were on the run.”

Alluding to diseases like bank robbers. Considering the amount of money poured into each of these crises, it’s ALMOST like they did rob everyone. 👀

Being a millennial, I have found it increasingly tougher to connect with people my age, as they’ve been brainwashed beyond repair. Listening to NA is great and reading NAS has been largely therapeutic, my hobbies and my individuality have suffered.

I want to talk to people about stupid shit, like how DKC changed platforming games forever but at the same time can sniff out gaming industry bullshit and call them out for such bullshit. It’s ripe with garbage but outside of GB, no real talks.

Hitting people in the mouth and drinking scotch. It’s good, “folx”

Thomas, who said something to the cops during the arrest was jumped by 's who broke his knee in 3 places. Tinus expects that he will be disabled for the rest of his life. He worked as a house painter. 🚨

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Here's the arrest from another angle. You see two people being arrested (for nothing). 🚜 youtu.be/qlbk6pfIIiY

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Tinus, the reporter/activist that was arrested is now released. They had to make up something and at the end they made it 'excitement'. Once he called his lawyer, he was free in 10 minutes. There were more apprehended by these 's. reports that one woman had her foot broken during the arrest. The screaming had a reason.
The good thing is that they have been photographed from many angles. It's time for another type of job on the force for these types.
A lot of people are angry.

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Here's another incident with the so-called 's, undercover police with pretty loose hands towards this reporter from (previously) shock blog . 🚔

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One of the organizers of other protests (against lock down etc.) was reporting on the and arrested for unknown reasons. Probably just police intimidation. 🚨

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in .
Unfortunately, it wasn't anywhere near the RIVM. I'm giving an impression of the event. 🚜

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Today in :
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The clips (below) show the army was placing container trucks in Bilthoven, yesterday. This is where the RIVM is, which roughly combines the EPA and CDC. Tractors are forbidden so farmers will come by car. I will ride there by bicycle to report. 🚲

When Biden's team finally reveal the VP candidate decided on over a year ago, be sure that all the production and sound problems he's been having will not be present for her.

Pre-ACL tear alright. Better catching it now, seeing a specialist and rehabing for a few weeks rather than tearing it completely and being SOL for a year or more.

Just got an ad for the political organization “Run For Something.” Among the supporting partners (the top being ActBlue), I saw this and chuckled.

Reading Starlink TOS because what the hell, can’t sleep, and I read this section. The last two sentences in particular. Alleged illegal activity and bandwidth seem to be a huge issue they foresee. If transfer speeds end up not being fast enough, you could be seen as the problem, and your session will be subsequently terminated.

“Okay sir, you get 15 seconds of internet time a day.”

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