@PhoneBoy @phenix I have no idea as to what SirBemrose was feeding you. All I did was mention a few songs. Everything else was all him. Bad SirBemrose!!! I should swat him with a rolled up newspaper.

Runny nose, coughing, sneezing, lethargic. Ryan is saying that our "unvaxxed" cat, Surprise, has the 'Rona.

In all honesy, she's fine. She's just tired of being chased by a territorial, flat-earthing, senile bitch wielding a needle, running around yowling about how she made Trump her slave after dueling him in the litterbox.

Yeah, we have strange pussies in this household.

@coldacid 99 bottles of espresso on the wall sounds so much better than beer!

I shit you not, but I am in my Doctor's office and we just went over if I had received my flu shot yet. Told her nope, not yet. And then she sees in my records that I apparently received the Moderna vaxx early last year. This is after I said that I had not been vaxxed, and am not going to get the Covid vaxx. So they are going to check the state database to figure out what the heck is going on. What the everliving son of a motherless goat crap?

@quirkess And apparently my phone autocorrected Surprise's name. Wtf...

@quirkess You know your cat is pissed when you put a Cone of Shame on her, so she stands on the bed and stares you in the eye as she shits on the bed. Thanks, Surpr iij se.

Found out yesterday that if any of us in my miniscule department has to send someone to a medical or Federal site; we must be vaccinated. I work from home. What the actual fuck? So now they are splitting those "jobs" to a new subset of mine. It's "voluntary" to become one of these special folk to send special people to special locations. It pained me to see so many people giving copies of their V cards for this. How long until they say we all have to be vaccinated to do my job?

I'm starting the "GNU/Linux Shell Tip of the Day"
(it starts today and ends a day before tomorrow):

TLDR pages
The tldr pages are a community effort to simplify the beloved man pages with practical examples.

There's this whole recertification process involving one of my doctors and the company that handles ADA and FMLA for my place of work. So after running circles to get paperwork in for my ADA of a 34 hr work week (which I have been doing for a year now), this is the main bit of the paperwork rejection that was emailed to me today. Remember, I work for a company with well over 100k employees. The ADA involves 2 medical conditions, too.

You know it's going to be a great rest of the year when your Mayor says that she wants the City Council to put a levy lid increase on the next ballot. Long story made short; the Mayor wants to pass a higher property tax levy. Because 'inflation.'

To quote, "There isn't anything left to cut or defer without negatively impacting our quality of life and our economic recovery..." Meanwhile, I want to spend $155.3 mil on general govt operations for 2022! More taxes! Fml.

I give up on pet insurance. It has yet to cover anything, and won't cover our new cat's much needed surgery. Reminds me of Medical Insurance. Just more companies out for a buck. Meh.

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