Don't use they are horrible. I signed up for daycares within 10 miles of my town in AL and I'm getting calls from daycares in CT.

Traveling to **Louisville, KY** for a major week-long convention pulling travelers from all over North America.

Anyone in that area next Friday 10/22 want to hit the beer court at the expo center or maybe chili’s?

Resending my application for a meetup!

A week or two ago, someone posted a screenshot of a tweet from an attorney saying that they are taking on any discrimination lawsuits for covid mandates/testing.

I have a friend with a legit ADA discrimination lawsuit. He has a dr's ME and the company is forcing him to test on his own time/dime. He also has legal recordings of his bosses saying that they don't care about his feelings and that they're following CDC requirements and "the trends".

House KHARMA desperately needed! Reduced Price- still showing.
Accepted a lowball offer and communications from buyer went dark.

This is a true "bug in" homestead with year round edible gardens, rare migrating birds, wild turkeys, deer, apple trees and berry bushes. It even has multiple 'pew pew' windows.

28 Acres of protected land behind has a year-round river.

I will happily help a producer navigate the gardens and identifying the wildlife that visits the yard.

Southwest had to ground the flights because of Hurricane Brandon

Andrew Bostom, MD, MS on Twitter:

"1/ ICU doc letter to FDA: “I can no longer silently accept the serious harm being caused by the C19 vaccines... my sincere hope reaction to this letter will not be to focus on me but rather to focus on addressing the serious safety issues with these products" "

Another interesting morning for the US government planes. Only one WVANG plane is squawking and its name is DECOY35. None of the U.S. Military and government aircraft are showing squawks for a second morning in a row.


From Jarrin Jackson

If you’re not paying attention, the “Let’s go Brandon” joke is EXACTLY the type of nationally-unifying ridicule that shucks the shackles of tyrants.

Ridicule is a sign of creative rebellion.


There're no jokes against the CCP in China.

There is no ridicule against Kim in North Korea.

There was no tolerance of satire against Castro.


It’s evidence of minds that assume they’re free.


Now, go to war.

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