I just finished listened to yesterday’s No Agenda and I was so excited to hear @adam mention The Written Revolution podcast which is my podcast with @surrealestate!In fact, I may have gasped and done a little dance.😂 So, thanks Adam for doing that! I have no idea what episode it was but you can find our latest episode at or on any Podcasting 2.0 apps and apparently in the NA stream sometimes! Below are two shows we are particularly proud of if you want to check them out!😊

Enjoyed listening to it! it was Ep8.

you can thank @SirBemrose for adding it.


@SirOma I will definitely thank @SirBemrose. @surrealestate and I can do that on our next episode!😊😊

Glad you enjoyed it!!

@DameAshley @adam @surrealestate I'll do that! I'm a little behind on NA, so once I've caught up a bit...

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