Can you count a house with an American flag as a Trump vote? All of the houses in our neighborhood with Trump signs have American flags but none of the Biden sign houses do. I’ve NEVER seen so many American flags and more and more get put up every day. I’m just wondering if it’s a silent vote for Trump. 🤔

Also, y’all remember me posting the “We Believe “ sign of one my neighbors? Turns out they are voting for Biden. Who would have guessed?🙄

@DameAshley yeah I would have totally guessed that.. and I think you're right on the silent Trump vote. It takes a special breed of 'i like conflict' to put a trump sign in your yard, and I've got a few neighbors with Trump flags...

@dibiase lol, I understand what you’re saying but I think that’s really sad that people don’t feel comfortable putting a political sign in their yard. It also probably depends on where you live in Ohio because certain parts of our state don’t seem to be shy about their love of Trump. Lol.

@DameAshley That's true, though if you're in the 'burbs or the midlands ... well I wouldn't feel safe. Then again I also have to worry about being disowned by my mother and most of the rest of my family should I admit to even considering such a thing heh.

It is sad that we cannot freely discuss ideas without fear of offense or retribution.

@dibiase It’s very sad! I’m sorry to hear that about your family. 😢My husbands family is the same way. I am kinda hoping that means that we don’t have to see them for the holidays. Lol. I’m always looking on the bright side of life. 😂

@DameAshley heh yeah, at least my wife is reasonable :) and as long as quash any talk of politics around the dinner table the family is otherwise fine to be around ... most of the time 😀

@dibiase Well that is good to hear! You’re luckier than my Chris is! Lol.

@DameAshley At least the morons are self identifying.
You now know where not to let the kids go.!

@RoboftheVolcano @DameAshley and this may be the one bright spot about masks.... anyone not wearing one has a high likelihood of being ok.

And assuming the mandatory masks ever stop, there will still be some people wearing them and make it easy to know who you don't want to be involved with.

@DameAshley Maybe not 100%, but damn close, houses with the American flag are for Trump.

One of my neighbors has their flag out and had a trump yard sign. But the HOA said they can't have the sign.

I think we can put political signs out but only close to the election.

I have a flag out, plus my home office window has blue led lights which can be seen at night.

@hogihung Obviously I’m not being really scientific with my informal observations but it’s good to hear other people are thinking along the same lines as I am!😁

@DameAshley The neighbor that had to remove his yard sign has a huge flag. I think they are going to attach it to their garage. :)

@DameAshley A house on the next street is all Slow Joey signs...and an upside down US flag. There is also a house with a confederate flag on the same street. That's where the civil war starts.

@DameAshley Sorry, Haley Joel Osmet, I'm taking the Slow Joey moniker for a better purpose!

@bjbroderick Yikes! On the next street over there is a Biden sign house right next to a House with a Trump sign and a a Trump flag AND an America flag. Lol. Don’t think those guys are besties. 😂

@DameAshley No flags on Biden houses is not a silent vote for Trump. That sign has agenda points straight out of the UN agenda aka the Global Governance agenda. To achieve that the destruction of culture and nations - the US - is required, so no patriotic national flags allowed.

@DameAshley, we have new neighbors, who I’ve only met briefly, and they’ve always had an American flag up. But then, a few days ago, a “We believe” sign appeared in their yard. :P

But I think they’re an exception to the trend.

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