To answer the question that @adam posed yesterday when @Johncdvorak was reading @surrealestate 's donation note, yes I like guns! Lol. This was me taking our CCW class just a couple of weeks ago. I thought I did "pretty good" for my first time shooting! 😊 I'm excited to get back to the range again.😊😊

PS. My husband wants it noted that the man in the picture with me was our instructor and not him. Lol.

@DameAshley @adam @Johncdvorak @surrealestate I think statistically, most women are better shots than men. My wife did the same her first time.

@methos @adam @Johncdvorak @surrealestate That's interesting that you think that. I would be curious to see how true it is. Lol.

Also,I'm very excited that your wife is also coming to the meetup! Can't wait for it!πŸ˜€

@DameAshley @adam @Johncdvorak @surrealestate looks good. But your want a little forward lean. Women often do what we call "chick lean" in an attempt to balance weight of the gun. The problem if this puts you in a bad position to handle recoil.

@AbsoluteFail @adam @Johncdvorak @surrealestate Thank you! πŸ˜ƒ I know I need to work on all of the aspects of shooting and that is great advice! I love the "chick lean" expression too. Lol

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