In order to honor Kamala all women should wear pearls? I would have thought knee pads would be more appropriate.

I finally got to start this book my kids got me for Christmas! I really like it! I think it would make a very cool movie or miniseries.

Does this pillow say what I think it says? Or do I just have a dirty mind?😂

This morning,during my sons “remote learning” school announcements, the principal of the school gave this speech. I would say it’s unbelievable but it seems like nothing is anymore. This guy is a real piece of work. When I’m asked why my kid isn’t coming back to this school system after this school year, I will cite this and the email from him telling parents to not let their kids go to their friends house because of Covid. Fucking jackass.

Interesting. I think many thin models aren’t healthy and they are usually all you see on the cover of magazines. So, is this woman healthy? I don’t know but I do know you absolutely can’t tell how healthy a person is just by looking at them. You can be thin and look okay on the outside and be not so healthy on the inside. Being overweight is not usually synonymous with being healthy though,so what’s up with this push to make it seem like it is?

How can his effort be baseless? Do they mean fruitless? I don’t think your effort to do something can be baseless. That just makes no sense. Words matter, people! 😂

I guess you can call yourself old when you tell your kid that “I’m going to be like Richard Marx; right here waiting for you” and all you get is a blank stare. 😂 Obviously some late 80’s early 90’s music is going to be called for later on today!

Ok, there is a long story here about why I blocked this person (which I can share ) but it’s way less funny than what he wrote about No Agenda Social. I think we should all be very insulted. 😂😂 To his credit, he did call me a lady though. 😂

I guess this would be more funny if it wasn’t so sad that people feel this way. My husband and I actually saw someone pick up a mask after a car had run over it and put it back on their face!

My wife is just as much a misogynist as I am. And that's why I love her.

Happy New Year, Citizens! From my beautiful wife and myself to all of you!

@DameAshley @kekservative Men are defined for what they do, not for the relations they establish.
If a man has his mind occupied with a project, if he is building something, he will never feel lonely.
@amerika @leyonhjelm @Secftblgirl

> Too much sugar.

This is the wrong Chinese food. The sugary stuff is Cantonese, though it's the Cantonese food from SF, an independent fork. (It's Chinese the way Cajun food is French.) I can't stand the stuff, personally. That glaze they put on everything. Taiwanese food is like that sometimes, too. (Distressingly, they'll name the places "Sichuan"/"Szechuan"/"Hunan" but if they have orange chicken or General Tso's chicken or cream fried wonton, it's Cantonese-by-way-of-SF.)

No sugar in the good stuff. I'm pretty sure you haven't lived until you've had real cumin lamb.

Don’t think this year went the way any of us expected, but one thing did go right: I exceeded my goal of running 2020 miles for the year by a decent margin. Still have a lot of work to do in terms of my overall health, but I keep moving forward into 2021.

Oh man some wires definitely got crossed in that donation segment 😆😆

Now I want to host a meetup and make an even more epic snack buffet!

It did help! Though one Christmas thing I was very happy about was my charcuterie plate featuring my first-ever homemade ceviche (my dog-in-law Boomer was caught trying to sneak a taste).

And yes, happy belated NOT 45th birthday 😆😆 I think a lengthier note (*especially* from a dame) is nothing to feel bad about in this case.

@DameAshley @brad

Every little act of living life is a small kick against The Tyrant.

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