Just catching up on Sunday’s No Agenda episode and the ridiculous “I wear a mask because” commercial made me feel ill. The one guy actually said “I’ve grown fond of seeing people smile with their eyes. It’s a beautiful experience in these times.” Not being able to see someone’s whole expression is a beautiful experience? What is wrong with people? There is nothing more uncomfortable to me then seeing the sea of masked faces when I happen to venture out. That was just so gross that he said that.

Ok, NAS; settle a dispute for me and @surrealestate. Do you think the dish of sausage, peppers and onions has a tomato sauce in it or it that it has no sauce? I won’t say who is what side of this debate but it’s pretty contentious over here. 😜😂

Just have to vent.I’m having issues with my ex who is constantly texting me about the stimulus.He feels he should get part of the money that I get for our two boys.He does not claim either of our two sons on his taxes because he doesn’t work a job where he pays taxes (he gets paid under the table)We also don’t have joint custody. He has them two nights a month during the school year and maybe 6 nights a month during summer.So frustrating to deal with his daily threatening texts.😕

Texts between my husband and I today. @surrealestate is always able to get people to take their masks off! 😁😁It’s like his super power or something. Lol. 😁

My son told me that his grandparents (my ex’s parents) told him that he can’t come see them again until he, his brother and his dad are all fully vaccinated. I personally don’t care if he doesn’t ever see them again because they are toxic, terrible human beings but it upset my son. What in the world is wrong with people? 😕

Went to the store today with @surrealestate, maskless of course. 😁We were the only people without them but one man took his mask off to below his chin when we were walking down an aisle and surrealestate said “It’s nice to see your face” and he replied, “Yours as well”, with a big smile on his face. By the time that gentleman was through the whole store he had taken the mask off completely. Every time we go out without a mask we get someone to join us. I like showing people a better way. 😁

Sorry to anyone who wants @Johncdvorak to follow them. He is already following the magic number of people right now. 😜

This is an opinion poll on Facebook from a tv station in Ohio. Of course this is just a sample but I can assure you that most people who answered this question answered with the same virtue signaling responses. Whoever ran the marketing campaign for Covid 19 is a brilliant and very evil genius to have achieved this level of compliance.

Btw, my favorite response is the lady who says it’s the responsible and moral thing to do. 🙄


Some good news, finally. Although I’m not waiting 90 days for this to go into affect. I’m not waiting for anyone to tell me how I can live my life. It should have never come to this in the first place.

My son is writing a story for his writing class on his teachers getting the Covid jab.I saw his story and I checked it over for him to make sure he fulfilled all of the teachers requirements. For some reason his teacher has marked his draft incomplete and wouldn’t tell him why.Could it be because he wrote:“The vaccines currently available for Covid 19 do not have FDA approval”? Just feels a bit off to me since he’s always received feedback before and he’s never gotten a bad grade in that class.

OnSaturday,@surrealestate, @ohiotruthseeker86 and I were at yet another maskless shopping protest event and it was both amusing and bizarre to see the amount of people who recoil from the sight of a face without a mask! The saddest/sweetest thing was that a woman in the store saw our group and was so happy about our protest that she started crying. I don’t think people who say “it’s just a mask” understand the damage this is causing people. Guess they are too busy virtue signaling to care.

Anyone remember when power walking was a big thing? Guess it helps defeat the rona! I think I’d rather die from Covid than power walk. It just look ridiculous. Bet it looks even more stupid when you do it with a mask on. 😜😂

Get tested for Covid and win prizes? Our douchebag Governor says we can all come out from under his edicts after cases are down to under 50 per under 100k for two weeks straight total. Wonder how we will ever manage that if they are making getting a Covid test a fun game for college kids to win some AirPods?!?

I don’t know which part of “I’m not sending my kid to school in a mask” was difficult for this school district to understand but THIS is NOT happening. I really don’t care what the Department of Education wants either. This email definitely calls for a John C Dvorak, “Go fuck yourself” response.

For anyone who listened to the donation segment of episode 1329 of NA,here is the video of part of our maskless protest. It’s just us being barred from going into a grocery store by the local police because we aren’t wearing masks. You know, the typical American experience now.
@surrealestate is narrating the video and I think I’m in the video briefly as well.If anyone from Ohio is interested I can DM you about the next protest coming up this week.Let me know and I will message you the details!😁

I got this in my email last night. Anyone else get asked to take this survey? I haven’t even opened it so I don’t know what my free rewards are yet. Lol.

After listening to today’s zoom social study class for my son I told him I would help him summarize what the teacher was saying so he could put it in his essay on Native Americans. I think I did a good job.

The news article writing assignment my son had to come up with was any topic about school. The topic he came up with is“How do the teachers feel about their Covid vaccinations?” His teacher all just recently received their second jabs. Anyone have any suggestions for his interview? Mine was,“How do you feel about taking a vaccine that has not yet been approved by the FDA and only has EUA?”
I have serious doubts that his article will be published but I still think he should have fun with it!

Adventures in woke schooling. My son’s teacher told him “Cancel culture is a good thing.”

When I asked why she said said this he said: “She said it helps keep us safe”

He said he stopped listening after that so he can’t be sure what it was keeping us safe from.

I just was listening to the newest NA and that Clubhouse story is weird.I’m supposed to feel bad for rude,woke people of color because some rich white guys want to come onto their idiotic app?I don’t.They were all incredibly rude to that guy and peppered him with questions about his wokeness,thus proving the point that their app is about “wokeism” and not much else.If they want people to feel empathetic for their plight, perhaps they could stop being racist jackasses themselves?Just a thought.

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