Six months into this lockdown, and I now understand why they used to burn scientists at the stake.

@TheRotation @MountainJay @WidowGarrett Well, it didnt took long to find that out. I guess i will be blocking. Or just not hitting the Global button 😎

@TheRotation @WidowGarrett @dutchnewguy, by liberally using the block feature, I’ve been able to keep that number closer to 10-20%. 😅

The global is scary, so scary....🙈😅

Everything thing here seems very organic, for now anyway!


@PhoneBoy @DameAshley I don't understand how leaders in the Pacific Northwest think they can keep promoting violence like they are. It's not like they can just rein it all back in after the election ends.

@DameAshley @surrealestate @PhoneBoy Well if this keeps happening there's at least a shred of hope that it'll reach critical mass and stick. At a minimum it's encouraging and should help contribute to voting the bum out in the next cycle. Pity we have to wait so long.

@DameAshley I’m sure if they dig deeper into Ohio’s laws, they could find 33 other charges to bring against him. 😂

@DameAshley hope it happens there and in many other cities/states

@DameAshley not holding out a lot of hope. Similar to the amount of hope I have that Washingtonians will vote out Lord Emperor Jay Fucking Inslee.

@DameAshley one can only hope it’s true. We need to lock all these a-hole criminal governors up.

I wonder how the governor of Ohio will like being locked up somewhere where he isn’t allowed to leave? How fitting would that be if this actually happened?!?

Hey NAS folk, please boost. I’m exploring a somewhat novel (I think) concept for a homeschool coop. I would like to hear input from teachers, homeschoolers, etc and bounce some ideas off you, as well.

@DameAshley @Salyer @dibiase @surrealestate whenever required to say “social distance” at work I replace the word “social” with “physical.” Because social distance is bullsh*t.

@DameAshley @dibiase @Salyer I’m with you, if i has been there I am sure I would have been arrested for assaulting a police officer because no one would touch you that way when you did nothing wrong.

@DameAshley @surrealestate @dibiase @Salyer Pleroma, Mastodon is so terrible for communication. I have 9001 character limit on my posts lol. It grinds my gears, 500 isn’t enough to convey very much at all.

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