I shared this 3 years ago on the Facebags. It’s less funny and more accurate now than it was then.


I think this will probably increase the number of people from PA coming to Ohio to go the beach @surrealestate! And we thought there was a ton last weekend! Although I suppose we are next on the list too because of our POS Governor.😑

To answer the question that @adam posed yesterday when @Johncdvorak was reading @surrealestate 's donation note, yes I like guns! Lol. This was me taking our CCW class just a couple of weeks ago. I thought I did "pretty good" for my first time shooting! 😊 I'm excited to get back to the range again.😊😊

PS. My husband wants it noted that the man in the picture with me was our instructor and not him. Lol.

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I miss baseball...a lot. 😭 I didnt realize how much until our youngest son asked me to put on some Indians highlights. Got me kind of emotional...and I'm slightly embarrassed to say that. Lol.We are very lucky in Cleveland to have an AMAZING radio play by play guy here. If only our team could be as consistently good. Lol.

Has anyone questioned whether the increased use in masks might be CAUSING a rise in infection numbers? These masks are designed for single use, people wear them all day long! They touch them all the time, and multiple studies have shown that the virus is present on the outside of the mask consistently when the person has COVID. They also wear them improperly (under the nose!). Also people don't have the proper means to sanitize them at home. Just something @DameAshley and I were discussing

I found this picture the other day of me from when I was little and it's totally cracking me up! I think it would make an excellent meme but I just need some brilliant No Agenda minds to help me with it. According to my husband, @surrealestate, I still make this face when I'm unhappy. For the record I think I was making this face because I was not happy about having to wear pink, which is still the case to this very day!πŸ˜‚

@surrealestate and I just passed our CCW training class! I was kinda nervous but I think I did "pretty good"! πŸ™‚ Also, my husband wants it noted that the man in the picture is our instructor and not him. Lol.

I am Dame Ashley, Lady of the Lake, and I approve this message.

It was so nice to spend the day at the lake this past weekend. We live in a mostly democratic county in Ohio but the little beach town we were visiting is definitely more Republican. There was no one in a mask at the beach and that was so refreshing! I never thought I would miss people's faces so much but I really have! Every time I go to the store around here it's like being in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

So excited for this No Agenda meetup! If you live in Northeast Ohio I hope you will try to make it.Earl Walkman of Ohio set this up and he will be there too with his keeper! And I, Dame Ashley Lady of the Lake, will be there with @surrealestate . We are both looking forward to talking to some sane people! Lol.

This is an interesting social network. Seems like a cross between Facebook and twitter, as far as it is set up anyway. I'm sure I will get the hang of it eventually. It's just nice to be in the same space with sane people in it for a change of pace.πŸ˜ƒ

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