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I know you left Facebook but it's a recording apparently (but not verified) by Nathan Westveer of a 7ish minute long conversation with an FBI agent in Austin asking him questions about a parody bomb meme he made or possibly even just shared.

Bought myself an asus zenwatch 3 "smartwatch". Let's see how that goes once it's shipped

The ole Subaru legacy "swaggon" still has tons of pep for its age (2002, 230k miles)

How is no one talking about the plane that was downed in Syria allegedly by themselves, or by Israeli f16s? I posted about it last night and haven't seen a peep

Russian IL-20 reconnaissance plane shot down. CNNs saying syria shot it down on accident, official russian military insinuates Israeli F-16s shot it down

jesus christ, whats with the sudden mastadon popularity?

Went to and a user review by someone I've had a spat with caught my eye. Found out how she's getting value from her instance

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Thanks to all my Fediverse friends, the ones that follow me and the ones that don't, the ones I follow, and the ones I don't. My life is immeasurably improved by your presence.
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