I know you left Facebook but it's a recording apparently (but not verified) by Nathan Westveer of a 7ish minute long conversation with an FBI agent in Austin asking him questions about a parody bomb meme he made or possibly even just shared.


If anyone knows how to rip audio/video from Facebook, please do so and post a link to it for the non Facebook users


Realtek audio codecs (the most popular inbuilt motherboard audio devices) have a disabled recording selection in windows which is called stereo mix. Just enable that and you can record whatever is playing over your main 2 channels on your speakers with it. It's slightly better than a headphone wire between the out and line in.

@Dadud I'll give it a try when I get home tonight if no one has already beaten me to it.

I'm actually out at work otherwise I would have already


I have, in the past, used a video downloader to grab the video file, then stripped the audio out of that. This weekend I wanted to capture Whoopie saying "classified" but the video I found wasn't on YouTube (there are audio strippers online for that). So I did it this way.

But there are tons of Facebook audio strippers on the internet:



@PapaVanTwee @Meachamus_Prime

Couldnt find a video stripper that worked with private groups so i had to download an extension, its uploading right now to vimeo

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