Aaronvan and his media matters goons are still at it at the subreddit. Does anyone even look at that place anymore?

Im suprised almost no one is talking about the on here. i feel this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Is it just me, or is the fediverse more porny than usual.

@adam basically an indepth breakdown of the AoA sensor used in the planes and what might have went wrong. all with colorful language and canuckistan lingo.

the response from the detective is priceless

If you guys arent following Nick Monroe on twitter, you should


Guy has been doing the most actual journalism on the Attacks that i've seen. Even being Censored by twitter forcing him to delete tweets to unlock his account.

how long before subaru's are considered white supremacist?

The NZ shooter fucking drove off while playing Initial D music. Wow. a Shitposter turned mass murderer

seems like going after them with a heli mounted minigun is faaar more effective than the bullshit the US has been doing for years.

Looking to shitpost? Play with art bots? Join the BBQ grille. We were exiled from our old home and started a new one. Join us here. discord.gg/dKkuwpe

If anyone knows how to rip audio/video from Facebook, please do so and post a link to it for the non Facebook users

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