jesus christ my sides. the song selection couldnt be any better. subliminal messaging?

@voidzero have you ever though of making a trollroom 2.0 based on matrix before? IRC is neat and all (and ancient) but matrix is basically open source discord. we could have a main server. a main No Agenda chatroom, and then user created/show specific chatrooms

Back to back earthquakes, and a 737 downed in iran in the past hour? earthquake machines and sabotage?

I dunno if anyone's badgered @adam about this but apparently brushwood wants him back on night attack again, jury said he'd even fly out from LA. Jury might be a good candidate for a "with Adam curry" podcast due to his Raising the Dead podcast series he's doing about the Nixon V. Kennedy election and it's parallels to the 2016 election.

Apparently Justin Robert Young wants to Meetup with @Johncdvorak but he's been ducking him. We should all try to change his mind.

(my favorite, has a Smashing Pumpkins/Nine inch nails feel) State of Grace

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The one above is titled Perhaps, this one's called Atlas Shrugged

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Here's some more unreleased Guns N Roses songs that leaked recently.

My God, does Crowder listen to no agenda? He brings up the "big tobacco" angle Adam was talking about the last few

One of the newest human resources, born yesterday and doing really great today.

@adam you may get an email from a brandon from the Appetite4Distortion podcast. Would be a really neat interview where you can talk about your time at MTV and maybe hit a few hundred/thousand more people in the mouth. if anyone wants to hop on to a guns n roses fan discord and lurk

@adam we're still finding new info out. i started a discord server and we have basically everyone who ever leaked unreleased guns n roses songs in one spot. it was actually kind of funny. last night the first leaker and a semi-famous wrestler (Mister Saint Laurent who also leaked chinese democracy songs before it was released) were arguing about stuff.

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