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We live in an age where the only 'accepted' racism is against 'White CIS Men'

Got an Event Happening in Oregon or Washington?!?!? Post it to
So everyone can know!

If you remove the color and gender signifiers from history stories, its just a bunch of people doing a bunch of fucked up shit to other people.

Lesbians are women with Male Nut Allergies.

When you hold an Insurrection...and it fails...other folks need to know:

Always curious as to what "Liberty" and "Freedom" folks think they have now that will be "taken away" simply because the old dude in charge changed. The ability to infect others with your insanity?
This is rhetorical, but I am sure this account will be flooded with responses of people who think they have rights...freedom...and just don't realize how SOCIETY is supposed to work.

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