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has Trump ever gone to a Bilderberg Meeting?

I am really glad Trump is using Science in his medication infomercial. We DID find a use for those Fetal Cells!

When you see a nude photo with a suggestive caption and think: Why does she look 6 months pregnant?

Calling this crop 2020...its been thru pandemics , smoke for weeks, 120mph winds and tropical monsoons...this shit is gonna kick ass....

I always appreciate these videos where nothing is said, nothing is explained, yet in the comments they act like theory of All mankind was explained by 30 seconds of light show with no audio.

Trump gave up trying to 'court' the military. They don't tolerate racism very much. No matter how often I complained, sometimes ya gotta work with the white guys.

Remember when the Lockdown for Tha'Rona was so we didn't flood the hospitals with sick and dying people? Is that still a thing? Or did it change and I missed it?

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