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my new :

“Podcasters to unionize, Podcasting companies to economize?”

[ inspired by @adam & @DaDenMan ; more at ]


Jelly Belly creator debuts - infused jelly beans: Toasted marshmallow, mango and more -
Spectrum Confections, sells CBD jelly beans in bulk. They come in three varieties: original, sugar-free and sour. Other flavors include cinnamon, spicy licorice, strawberry cheesecake and mango.

If you see me outside, holding my vape pen looking like I am in deep focus and concentration...pensive and almost aggressive...just remember it takes EFFORT to fart silently in public...

With all the revelations about catholic priests historically being homosexual - You wonder about the conversation that went down with St. Patrick :
"Yah, he says he will clear all the snakes out, tame them....if you get billy to tame HIS Snake"
"Well...we do need them all gone...we can just get Billy REALLY drunk!"
"Yeah! We'll make a day of it..."

90% of "Science" is Failure. The other 9% is dumb luck and experience. Those damn 1%'ers are the only ones getting it right. But thats how its SUPPOSED to work.

Its the 21st Century and people still feel the need to fight 'Holy Wars'. Maybe we SHOULD look at the reason (or lack of) that stuff like this keeps happening. Why so much fear over what others believe? Because it conflicts with Your Imaginary Friend? Because your invisible ghost told you their invisible ghost is bad? WTF are people dying over? Let them all see what lies ahead after they die. I been there. No fun. 1 star.

Maybe it IS me: Realized today I did not and do not like my new job. Its a downer. The people I work with suck,,,but its not a BAD place to work. I have had to go home a few times when they catered lunch (ok...EVERY TIME) because allergies...But my coworker is the reason I think more than anything. He tends to judge my habits....and acts shocked and appalled when I ask "Hey...where is this LOCATED in the source control?"

Any 'report' on your activity that begins with the sentance :"After you climbed INTO the cage"...should instantly disqualify you for ...society,?

Its funny: I have an ORIGIN Story edition of the Original Captain Marvel (1979ish).
Uh...He's a Dude. Blonde. similar suit...but ...he's a dude.

is America's fastest-growing job sector — but can feel like a 'boys' club' -
America’s legal pot industry now boasts 211,000 workers, more than in teeth-cleaning, brewing, textile manufacturing -- even the president’s beloved coal mining sector.

For the past week, I have been getting stories on the News about "The LAST Blockbuster in Bend OR". This is how insidious the industry is. The feature a Blockbuster in a MOVIE that was released on Friday. This is true level inception stuff here folks. I am sure it was just...coincidence.

Patience used to be a 'Virtue'. Now she is stripping at the club to pay off her student loans.

I use expressions to refer to specific types of persons or groups:
Folks - A Group of People who I like or are friendly (Friendly Folks)
People – Everyone else (People Suck)
Good Buddy – Close Friend or Ex-Military
Interesting Individual – Complete and utter asshole.

The other day I had to Call the NON-Emergency police line
to report the homeless fellow defecating in the Community Garden.
he was screaming about "losing his shit" -
I wanted to ask if he meant literally or figuratively.

I don't think I could date a Porn Star. I mean, if the opportunity ever arose, I don't think I could.
Not because they are in porn.
I would be enthralled. She would just be disappointed.
I mean, she has been with PRO's.

Its that point when, after a week of pouring over this process and code structure that you realize: This data is setup to be handled in code, but it will never appear in the resultset to be handled by the code because there is no code to pull that data in.
Roughly 400 lines of SQL, yet, it missed the critical part of ACTUALLY GETTING THE DATA.

I shouldn't have to prove I DON'T treat one race/gender/sex the same as all the others.
My actions show I treat everyone like they are idiots.
Deriding me for treating EVERYTHING as if it were equally stupid is trying to take away MY FREEDOM.

Took a new job recently.
Lots of data, formualic values, complex structure of execution.
The funny thing is the guy who interviewed, reviewed, and recommended me for the position, quit when I got hired.
Now, I have to ask: Did he look at my resume and decide "Yep, this guy can replace me and do what I started"
Or ....was he like me leaving my old job " Yep, this guy is fucked..."?

I used to deliver mass quantities of narcotics (in the 80's). It was the perfect setup, because who would stop a white guy with a beard driving a VW Bug (In the 80's) ? Talk about taking advantage of 'White Privilege'

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