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I appreciate how fast people have it in their heads that staying home cures the virus. It doesn't. This thing is gonna run its course. People are going to get sick, even staying home and avoiding others. ITS ALREADY HAPPENED.
This cowering-in-place is to limit the flood of infected persons getting care. If too many people get sick in one area at the same time, the hospitals, which are FOR PROFIT, won't have the area to assist all. The bug is still gonna bite. Its just a matter of timing.

Some comics want to craft a story around a lilt and and a whisper
The pour hours over the words and phrases and timing.
So that they can lose the joke in the story.
Me? I just want you to get the fucking point.

“The benefits to already having Cancer”
I can reuse plastic water bottles
I eat the hell out of bacon
While getting a tan on the beach.
....and smoking a Camel...unfiltered.
Yeah, you kids dont know about that one.
You could purchase a cigarette...which was simply rolling papers and tobacco.
No filter from that wonderful tar and nicotine.
Straight shot a cancer to the lungs ! It was GLORIOUS.

using block....I am so close to having a Federated Feed that is nothing but Pr0N...cause....a guys gotta have goals!

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