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I gave one of my BEST sets last night, but it was not good enough to move on in Portlands Funniest. This was a audience vote, and the deck was a little stacked for the winner(s), but they had a good night too.
Fun stuff. Just means I gotta work on my funny a lot harder.

"I would LOVE to attend your wedding! Wait...will there be children under 12 present....? If so...gotta decline bruh...."

Whenever I had to learn a new language, I always learned the cuss words first. That way I could tell when people were talking about me. I grew up in a Mexican ghetto, so I was fully aware of those words.
I wanted to learn 'dangerous' languages. I learned how to tell a Samoan they are 'fucking assholes'.
And I have actually used it ....once.....and it taught me a valuable lesson.
Once you are thrown into 8 foot window is very expensive to replace....

I am going to say I saw this coming...but I think it was mentioned on NA first:

The terms “women of color” and “people of color” are meant to be inclusive. But, from my perspective, they only help to leave black people behind — specifically black women.

I did like pedaling around PDX today to go between gigs. I just wish I knew the streets better on this side of the river, I have an approximation, but unless you have been down them, the streets can be hard to find once across.
I missed biking, more than work for sure. Just the freedom to move and go when and where I want to.
Like tomorrow, I am biking up to my dispensary and getting ready for some more open mics. Gotta prepare for the Portland Funniest on Tuesday. Me? nervous? No...?

I have 8 month SOLID unemployment benefits. $2200 a Month, and all I have to do is apply to TWO jobs a week via electronic submits, and then work on my comedy for the rest of the time. Or I can get a job that pays 4 times that and work 40+ hrs a week, commute in daily, deal with stress and timelines and other people.....HMMMMMMMMMMM

They say "To the Victor go the Spoils" Which just makes me glad I am not named Victor cause I like fresh stuff....

E-Scooters - More dangerous than :
Andrew Hardy was crossing the street on an electric scooter in downtown Los Angeles when a car struck him at 50 miles per hour and flung him 15 feet in the air before he smacked his head on the pavement and fell unconscious.

The 26-year-old snapped two bones in each leg, broke a thighbone, shattered a kneecap, punctured a lung and fractured three vertebrae in his neck, in addition to sustaining a head injury.

You cannot judge someone "By their Actions" until they commit those actions.

You can show up drunk...stoned...drink on the job...yell and cuss...but as long as the work gets done, everyone is happy.

If I were to OD now, people would just think it was an assisted suicide.

Everytime I hear someone talk about eating Edibles, and they have never done them before:
Not high....
Not high....
OMG My Head just exploded!

I enjoy cannabis. Hourly if not daily.Thats right, I said . Folks think "He calls it that because is racist & thought up by some rich white patriarichal motherfuckers in the 1930's"
While all that IS True... I call it ... cause thats its NAME (its in the book) I like to use the correct names for things. Helps me keep shit straight. If someone yells out CHAD! I am NOT turning around. Cause its not my name
Although, if someone yelled MARIJUANA! I would turn around.

So, to "prove" Opioid deaths were unaffected by legality, they LENGTHENED the time for the study - 10yrs Prior to Legal, when was NOT legal:

The new study looked over more time - from 1999 to 2017 - they found an almost 23 percent increase in opioid overdose deaths in states with medical marijuana laws.
“With the benefit of a longer time span ... we conclude that medical cannabis laws do not seem to have reduced opioid overdose mortality

On like Donkey Kong!

I don't remember using that picture...but it fits...

had to dbl chk the date vause the video guy texts me and asks "You want a copy of your set tomorrow?" - WORK there and cant get the dates right? man....oh man....NERVES SUCK.

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