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We got your morning zoo intern right here!


Hopefully Michael Falk's contract with ONN is already up given the age of the video. As an established reporter, though, he might not work for free or would expect a title upgrade!

Note the bar graph without a scale. 🤷‍♀️ It's science!

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I snapped this during the second wave (hence the Hallowe'en decorations), while walking through a staff-only hallway in the ED of the hospital where I work.

Sounds about right to me!
Maskne is probably high on the list too, if not seen as a badge of honour.

I should take the same scenic route when I leave tomorrow to see how opinions have changed in the current third (fourth?) wave...*fingers crossed* I'll find meme-worthy items for NAS, JCD and the newsletter!

It's a little late for noagendashow.net/listen/1333, but this classic by Dennis Leary is as applicable today as it was then. (Don't hate this Canadian!)

Song parody, anyone? youtube.com/watch?v=UrgpZ0fUix

This one's going to get me in so much trouble. XD

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