good f'ing lord

"Three foreverdogteam
podcasts were nominated for Best Podcast at the Queerties this year!"

My brain seized up this morning when I opened Podcast Addict and saw episodes of No Agenda and The Higherside Chats smashed together.

I thought Podcast Addict was throwing an error.

Nope. It was @adam doing Podcasting 2.0 Evangelism! 👍



U.S. Department of Education
Jan 19, 2021

This video will describe the court cases and OCR guidance that have previously explained how colleges and schools can comply with the Department’s anti-discrimination laws and regulations with respect to the use of race in postsecondary school admissions and programs.



A Dutch woman has created a gender neutral pack of cards which removes the need for Kings, Queens and Jacks.

-- Indie Mellink wants to tackle the issue of gender inequality in card games, as the king is traditionally worth more than the queen.

-- To resolve this, Mellink created a genderless deck in which the king, queen and jack images are replaced with gold, silver and bronze.

Next up... bring your pets "back to life" and live in the most f*cked up world... ;\

Honestly though, if you want to hack your life and save money, never buy a NEW car, and try this:

2013 Nissan LEAF

Assuming you don't have to travel very far for work/food/etc.

"EVgo has chargers in more than 800 locations in 67 major metropolitan markets across 34 states. The company has landed a number of partnerships, including with Albertsons, Kroger and Wawa to locate its chargers at these properties."

you mean my cramped ass food market parking lot is going to be more cramped with people camping out in their cars?

Help :)

Someone else save this, keep it in your phone. We will check back on this gleeful text in... 3, 4, 5, 10 years. Just don’t forget you saved it. ☕️👽🌀

@Johncdvorak CLIP

“Allegheny County Executive gave us this answer when we asked for his reaction to Senator Cruz’s statement about the Paris Climate Accord not helping our area.”



“When @JoeBiden joked that @JanetYellen should have her own @HamiltonMusical ... it got us thinking, what would that sound like?

As it happens, we know an artist on The Hamilton Mixtape. We'll let @dessadarling take it from here.”

CLIP — 😂🤣

Oh boy... "Our public health orders don't apply to any levels of government. So they don't apply to federal provincial, or municipal governments."

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