Note to all the young people - don't make changes to the way your face looks unless it's really necessary. Fake is rarely an improvement and I'm really starting to notice the people who've not been able to top up their botox for 5 months! There will be some horrendously swollen and bulging lips and facial features on display in the coming weeks, they'll be glad of their masks 😑

"It's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts"
If your focus in taking part is to be the best you can be, beating others is just a consequence. You should always have the goal of being the best you can be, simply taking part is not enough. Competition to be the best amongst the herd should be encouraged but likewise, it should be known that ultimately, winning is overcoming ones own weakness.

I need some input from the rest of the world - I love my American friends dearly but the constant battle between liberals and conservatives is getting so repetitive. For the Land of the Free you don't half argue a lot.

What is wrong with masculinity? As a strong, empowered female, by nature I expect men to be physically and emotionally strong, couragous, ambitious, competitive and fuelled by testosterone. Purposely raising boys to be wimps is not good for civilisation. Just teach them not to be arseholes. If some are homosexual or identify as trans (or a broccoli) there's nothing bad about that. If everyone brings something worthwhile to the table we all eat well. with common sense.

Without being derogatory to people who are genuinely chemically unbalanced through no fault of their own, why has it become fashionable to be so sad, pessamistic and morbid? I can't wait to surround myself with the energy of excited, optimistic and happy people. I don't care how different you are from me in terms of age, skin colour, gender preference, ideology, or any of the things that separate people, let's just stop feeling so bitter and sorry for ourselves.

At what point is the personal health crisis going to trump the public health crisis? A year ago I was 62kg, I'm now 67kg, and I'm one of the fit & healthy ones who has stayed active throughout. When is obesity going to be tackled head on? Get fit, save the NHS, reduce the severity of Covid.

Is it just coincidence that we are having a really cold winter (like winters should be) when air traffic is significantly reduced?
Global warming? HAARP? Wrath of God? 😱

Did we miss any freedom of information revelations from 1945 or 1995 while the media was consumed by Covid and drama?? 🤔

Thanks to @Johncdvorak I'm finding myself drawn to the Sofia with an F podcast. It's the podcast equivalent of Love Island, absolute trash, a vocal fry assault on the ears with more adverts and f words than content. But so intriguing! I always thought hitting middle age would be the worst thing ever but I'm finally embracing it, thankful that I'm not 20 years younger. Those kids are [email protected]@ked up 😆

Media and Opposition are quick to blame the Government for acting too late but why is no-one raising the issue that UK is among the fattest/unhealthiest nations and tying the high death rate to that?
Get back on your bike Boris!

time - hello to the nation and the wider federation. English child of the 80s, free spirit, no underlying health conditions.

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