NO...Jill may in the picture but Joe Biden is Photoshopped in. Too many errors to mention besides focus, size of body, shoe, etc.

For those paying attention to Covid testing numbers, Testing volume at the largest laboratories along the east coast has gone down by 60% in the last 3 weeks,

So if you are not testing, then you cannot have as many cases. 😉

Pandemic is coming to a close. I hope Governor Jackass in PA got this memo.

Has Tucker Carlson trademarked his "stare" as now it is part of the shows opening sequence???

Harshing on Bill Gates. Good one.

Gates seems oblivious to all this.

@CynicalFucker that, sir, made me smile.
That has been difficult of late and I thank you!

@adam isn’t mucking around.
If you have a question about anything on earth, No agenda Social is the place to ask.
Mr. Curry, I was an asshole to you a few weeks ago and I’d like to publicly apologize to you. Your efforts in tech have paid off in ways you could never know and are helping people in the most amazing ways.
Mad respect, sir.

Apple's new podcast app got you down? Try a podcasting 2.0 app today!

The honeymoon is over: "Spotify stock tumbles after earnings signal user growth is slowing" -- clearly not getting the influx of podcast listeners they projected

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 35: Fully Noded and Double Gated -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on and welcome The Swiss Army Knife of the Index - Aric Mackie

They say that CNN is a stooge for the White House and the Democrats. They do not even try to hide it. Here is Jim Acosta sending out a White House press release. They do not even pretend to be objective or unbiased any more. Wow.

Today's episode of No Agenda Show is another must-hear!!! And a rare occasion that I'm getting to hear it added bonus!!!

Nice to see youtubers making fun of podcasters: .

(many podcasters are too full of themselves)

Don't tell Uncle Joe and the CDC, but I haven't been wearing a mask outside this entire time 😱

Wow, Moe podcast with AC is getting $1000 donations!

Good business!

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