@ludibrium agreed he even answers my emails when he can thanks @adam for being real.

@NICKtheRAT wow man you get some fucking weird calls. and I thought I was fucking nuts.

LOL the audacity of some scammers read the ad and check the site establishedtitles.com/ and FB allows this crap? I'd rather be a NAS Lord any day. According to @GeorginaGeorgia this scam has been on FB for months. But advertising CBD oil is a No go according to their advertising guidelines and could get you banned? This is clearly a scam of the highest order. @adam @jennifer @Johncdvorak @SirSpencer @NICKtheRAT @commandlinekid @Sabex @shebang Can some one please hit'em in the mouth👊

so today I found out a gay black friend of mine got shot 2 times. I grew up with him in a small Texas town. he is ok was able to drive home from the hospital. I don't know the details but all of our friends white/black/hispanic poured their heart out to him. This is what I don't understand. Right now being white seems to be the worst thing in the US. To me he is family. and also to my friends. Normally I would not speak about this BUT I feel like some tried to kill a member of my family.

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