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When I sit down on a bus, I would sure love to have a strategic buffer. That seat beside me to myself.

Sorry, the bus is full.

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The war in Iraq and Afghanistan: frivolous.

Ukraine and Russia: different.

Russia has had two leaders since the Soviet Union. Boris crowned Putin, who has held power since the nineties

U.S. must remain strong to be free. The Chamberlain strategy of kowtowing to threats does not work.

Pussies in the west act like the Capital in Hunger Games, gorging themselves then throwing up to eat more.

Conspiracies too can be luxury beliefs. Putin is a threat and we must make him fear our strong defense

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Anyone who does not worry about rona is fooling themselves

How many times have you gotten a cold? Probably about once a year, thereโ€™s no avoiding it

This cold kills

Go back to normal life, probability of getting it goes up up up

Take Vitamin D and Zinc and work out, those cost you nothing and only give you other benefits

Consider JNJ, it wonโ€™t do much about spreading / preventing but it might save your life

Freedom is making this choice independently, regardless of what stupid Fauci thinks

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I can argue for vaccines better than the failing CDC & FDA โ€ฆ

Here you go

Suppose the test has a very high false positive rate. So high that the statistics โ€œ~99% surviveโ€ are actually wrong

โ€œBut I have natural immunityโ€ โ€” everyone thinks they got it in May โ€˜20, even if they didnโ€™t, and with inaccurate test many have false assurance

โ€œIt isnโ€™t safeโ€ โ€” you take your chances with COVID or the vaccine, safety isnโ€™t an option, and both have unknown long term. Real COVID gives you more spike protein

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Me: Hey Trump, could you do something about the lockdowns?

Trump: Sorry, on the phone with Xi!

Me: maybe talk to the governors, ask the DOJ to sue on our behalf, find a better virologist?

Trump: Gilead just told me we have a cure, only six more months!

Me: Can you do anything?

Trump: We have the best vaccines in the world!

(Eight months later)

Me: ... any update?

Trump: Vote for Sleepy Joe if you want to stay locked down!

Me: How about โ€œnone of the above.โ€

Iโ€™m not paying much attention, help me โ€”

Why is Dr. Oz Hitler again?

Iโ€™m surprised that Madison Cawthorn lost

I have not been monitoring his scandal very closely, but when a news story puts shirtless pictures of you into the press, and you look like THAT with your shirt off, then I canโ€™t see how itโ€™d be a negative.

Thereโ€™s a term in Finance for what Elon is doing to Twitter right now โ€ฆ


โ€œIf I call you Florbo, am I denying your existence?โ€

โ€” Tim Pool on pronouns

Is this the moral of the Buffalo story?

If youโ€™re a good guy with a gun, and the bad guy is wearing tac gear, donโ€™t aim for center mass because the body armor will just stop it.

Reminder that when person clipped on the show says โ€œdebt of (country) has reached 80% of GDP,โ€ one of those numbers (debt) might be paid back over many years, if ever at all, and the other number is a total economic output over one year.

There isnโ€™t anything special about debt being, say, 100% of GDP. Itโ€™s a point of reference โ€ฆ certainly a โ€œlot of debtโ€ but not terrible on the surface.

I keep hearing that we need the ports open, Ukraine canโ€™t ship food unless the ports are opened.

Did they try opening ports 80 and 443?

I do not receive any payments from the Russian FSB

I do receive a small stipend from the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Dispersal. They only ask me to say that Putin is not my god king

Did Ukraine actually win the Eurovision Song Contest?

One moment, Iโ€™ve got to puke.

How I imagine Sam Harrisโ€™ meditation app โ€ฆ

Breath in

Okay, let it out

Clear your mind

Reflect, what can you do to help stop Trump and Trumpism?

Similar point as I was making earlier.

My focus is on culture however; replacement of American culture with woke culture by white liberals.

The danger is from within.

Average person coming over the southern border has a deeper religious faith, stronger work ethic and family values than most in our degenerate culture of today.

The way office chairs are marketed at Staples, Office Depot, etc.

Basic Office Chair

Manager Chair

Executive Chair

This is like the market for management books. Sold to middle aged males with a stalled career โ€ฆ

If I ever get into the office chair business, this will be the product name

Authentic President of the United States Chief Executive Office Chair Faux Leather Pro Comfort Gaming

One of the sad & horrifying details of the Buffalo supermarket murder โ€”

There was a good guy with a gun on scene. He shot the murderer, but body armor made it ineffective, and he was shot dead.

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This is just the top of the iceberg, and my main point is not to consider these risks specifically, but all risks that you in particular are exposed to.

Make sure you look at the potential damages those risks can do and find a way to decrease them.

I am only suggesting to do what I myself am doing. I am not at the โ€œwood burning generatorโ€ level (yet) but there certainly is a minimum bar everyone should aim for.

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Ensure that you are able to fill more than one common job function, in the event that your profession is either automated away, or suffers a severe supply demand mismatch.

Consider how many other companies can hire you, and make sure that it is more than just one or two.

This is particularly important for anyone who is young, as we cannot predict the economic situation 30 years from now.

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Have the means to defend yourself and your family from threats, which are likely to occur if any of the scenarios I mentioned above are realized.

Being physically fit and owning weapons and survival equipment are reasonable bars to consider. Others here I am sure can give better advice on self defense; if you want to go Joe Rogan you can learn martial arts. I myself have not yet reached this level.

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Have on hand the financial means to sustain yourself should you lose your job. This means should be well positioned to survive economic crisis, which is likely to come at the same time as loss of job. 3 months good, 1 year better.

Cash is good, though a mix of assets is most resilient. Just donโ€™t put too much in one place and more advanced hedging techniques can create a higher degree of security

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