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Obligatory: complaints about the coronavirus aside, understand whether you or anyone you come in contact with is in a category of particular risk and prepare accordingly. Don't panic. Don't buy all the toilet paper.

Apply this test before being too outraged about anything:

Would you have noticed this thing in the real world if no one ever pointed it out to you?

As a society we have decided that it is not okay for an employer to discriminate in hiring based on certain specific traits (race, color, sex, religion, national origin, from the Civil Rights Act).

But we allow and do indeed celebrate consumers discriminating. “Order from black owned businesses;” probably every Silicon Valley app has had that featured over the past few months.

By the time ACB is on the court, I fully expect Justice Roberts to announce that he is joining Antifa

I recall they made a rather indecisive ruling, but it may have been a Roberts 5-4 kind of thing.

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Would a Supreme Court with Amy Coney Barrett have the votes to overturn lockdowns?

If you don’t want to be tired, get the f outside and walk or run until you are

Was it Bridget Phetasy that characterized the modern twitter activist as on their couch, waiting for postmates, complaining about being tired? Sounds about right.

(Note: I will call whatever we have a ‘lockdown’ until at minimum I am allowed to breath again).

The people who want to burn it all down are grumpy because of the lockdown and can’t admit it because that’s not socially acceptable in their circles.

Why is it that the socialists want social distancing?

There was a time when companies, cities, etc thought it was a good idea to create a “phase 1-4” system of coronavirus rules.

At this point, they’re mostly just permanently pinned to the worst phase. Such a waste of time and signage.

Trained Capitalist

I like this term enough that I grabbed the .com

There seem to be a lot of trained Marxists these days. Where are the trained Capitalists?

If you gave me a certificate signed by god saying that four years of Biden would be four more years of Obama, I wouldn’t be worried. I also know that there is no such thing as four more years of anything that happened in the past. Times change.

Seems like it was gradually transformed from “six feet OR a mask” to “six feet AND a mask.” Frog in the hot water syndrome.

Breaking: Dan Carlin releases podcast saying that after decades of considering “we the people” the most significant three words in political philosophy, he now prefers “orange man bad.”

What evil things do republicans currently support?

Oh lordie, Trump’s gonna get the never-trump republicans this time, right? Supreme Court and all.

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