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Presidential Derangement Syndrome (PDS) :: a belief that the current President of the United States is:

* Elected illegitimately
* Is simultaneously both incompetent and an evil super-genius
* Is consorting with foreigners
* Is going to send people to concentration camps

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Me: Hey Trump, could you do something about the lockdowns?

Trump: Sorry, on the phone with Xi!

Me: maybe talk to the governors, ask the DOJ to sue on our behalf, find a better virologist?

Trump: Gilead just told me we have a cure, only six more months!

Me: Can you do anything?

Trump: We have the best vaccines in the world!

(Eight months later)

Me: ... any update?

Trump: Vote for Sleepy Joe if you want to stay locked down!

Me: How about “none of the above.”

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The modern left is scary. They wield so much power, and they use it to force us to do ridiculous things.

We can also see though that their perspective comes from a sense of deep insecurity. At their core, they are afraid. Afraid of COVID. Afraid of being offended. Afraid of their ideas being challenged. Their ideas disarm them of the ability to build mental, physical, and emotional strength.

Perhaps the question should not be “how do we defeat them” but “how do we HELP them?”

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Obligatory: complaints about the coronavirus aside, understand whether you or anyone you come in contact with is in a category of particular risk and prepare accordingly. Don't panic. Don't buy all the toilet paper.

There is an algorithm that alleges to detect coronavirus by listening to someone’s cough.

When will Alexa and Siri start using this?

One of the best things about Mastadon is that it has a sense of locality while also having a wider reach through the Fediverse.

By contrast, posting to Twitter is spitting in the wind.

Long term, short term

Quantitative, qualitative

Risk, return

Every school of engineering should be providing its students with a solid foundation in business.

First you discover freedom, then you discover discipline.

My playlist is 222 hours long and isn’t getting any shorter

Joe Biden, POTUS

(President of the Undrained Swamp)

There are some wackos out there who would have you compromise with crazy people.

“But both sides always have to be wrong because I’m a centrist!”

What if the democrats are just absolutely bat-fucking insane, and some of us can deal with it better than others?

Dan Carlin is centering himself into irrelevance.

Sure, centrism is fine, and I will grant him that Capitol riot is bad and orange man is bad.

That said, there is a difference in magnitude of threat between scary dumb republicans and global woke institutional hegemony.

Dan Carlin just tells us how everyone saying there will be a civil war is the problem, then in same podcast says that we are headed to civil war.

“Come on, man!”

Regarding impeachment #2 ....


I mean, seriously.

And while I do love gold as an investment, the utility of physical gold is limited and fast reaches a cap, since it has higher risk of theft or loss, is difficult to sell for its true market value, and has fairly limited utility in many apocalypse scenarios.

Gold is one of my favorite investments. Mostly because it’s shiny.

My investment approach is like a monkey on a typewriter picking stocks while listening to NA

How are you insulating your portfolio against the bad economic decisions to come?

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