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When I sit down on a bus, I would sure love to have a strategic buffer. That seat beside me to myself.

Sorry, the bus is full.

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The war in Iraq and Afghanistan: frivolous.

Ukraine and Russia: different.

Russia has had two leaders since the Soviet Union. Boris crowned Putin, who has held power since the nineties

U.S. must remain strong to be free. The Chamberlain strategy of kowtowing to threats does not work.

Pussies in the west act like the Capital in Hunger Games, gorging themselves then throwing up to eat more.

Conspiracies too can be luxury beliefs. Putin is a threat and we must make him fear our strong defense

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Anyone who does not worry about rona is fooling themselves

How many times have you gotten a cold? Probably about once a year, there’s no avoiding it

This cold kills

Go back to normal life, probability of getting it goes up up up

Take Vitamin D and Zinc and work out, those cost you nothing and only give you other benefits

Consider JNJ, it won’t do much about spreading / preventing but it might save your life

Freedom is making this choice independently, regardless of what stupid Fauci thinks

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I can argue for vaccines better than the failing CDC & FDA …

Here you go

Suppose the test has a very high false positive rate. So high that the statistics “~99% survive” are actually wrong

“But I have natural immunity” — everyone thinks they got it in May ‘20, even if they didn’t, and with inaccurate test many have false assurance

“It isn’t safe” — you take your chances with COVID or the vaccine, safety isn’t an option, and both have unknown long term. Real COVID gives you more spike protein

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Me: Hey Trump, could you do something about the lockdowns?

Trump: Sorry, on the phone with Xi!

Me: maybe talk to the governors, ask the DOJ to sue on our behalf, find a better virologist?

Trump: Gilead just told me we have a cure, only six more months!

Me: Can you do anything?

Trump: We have the best vaccines in the world!

(Eight months later)

Me: ... any update?

Trump: Vote for Sleepy Joe if you want to stay locked down!

Me: How about “none of the above.”

The Road to Hell

Lack of exercise and friends



Anti-depressant induced mania

Bipolar / Borderline / Narcissism / Cluster B

More psychiatric drugs

No job

Social justice / activism / abuse

Mass bullying / mass hysteria

Psychopathic politicians & institutions

Total lack of trust

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Anatomy of an Epidemic is the scariest book I’ve ever read.

I’m halfway through.

Scarier than Stephen King …

Invest in your own physical and mental health. No one else can, and it’s the only way you’re going to feel good.

I will present an argument for a ban on interstate abortions.

A child is conceived in Texas. That child will be a citizen of the great state of Texas, and is entitled to the rights of any Texan.

Traveling to a barbaric place like North Korea or California does not diminish that child’s rights.

Would you support the following federal law?

Before performing an abortion, a provider must verify that the patient is a resident of the state in which the clinic is located. The patient may do so by presenting a driver’s license or photo ID issued by that state.

In particular, I have long criticized the COVID vaccine trials for not being double blind.

Those vaccines have very obvious side effects within 48 hours of receiving them. Both times, for a two dose vax.

Anecdotally, 50% of people I know report being sick for a day or two after at least one shot, often taking off days from work. 50% don’t.

That’s enough to make HEAVY skew.

Consider this example:

You are in a double blind clinical trial for lithium

Group A is drugged to their balls, so hard they can barely move

Control group gets a sugar pill

Still double blind, right?

There is no such thing as a double blind clinical trial.

Should sodomy be illegal in your state?

51% rate the Biden administration poorly on crime

I disagree

Biden is excellent on crime. So excellent that he broken a dozen laws right in front of us and is yet to be arrested.

Breaking: J6 witness says that after learning Pence voted against him, Trump went all Kylo Ren on a statue of Weinstein Churchill, smashing it against the wall and beating it with a plastic lightsaber


"ATF should be a convenience store, not a government agency."

Can someone introduce me to the anarchist son of a bitch who can sell me abortion pills, unregistered guns AND mushrooms, one stop shopping?

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