just watched a news segment about the "deck collapsing pandemic" across the country.

@adam @Johncdvorak

Exit strategy: create a non-profit organization about common sense issues that most normal Dimension A people ignore


this works for grinding out the solution.

this works for after grinding out the not-solution

this works for the units that love America

this works because it's not about hate - but frustration


Demoturds preparing the sheeple to enact 25th amendment in order to get the socialist agenda jammed up our butts.


Hello, my name is Gal,
I am an Israeli citizen, and I want to convey this urgent message to the world: Contrary to what you are told, Israel has not "returned to normal" in any way >>


stop the popups! 

"hi guys" if y'all want to be "your own boss" and "make millions online"...

Start with eliminating all the bullshit WordPress ad, marketing, get people's email address, pop up anything horse shit plugins which immediately throws up annoying barriers for people to consume your content.

Dr. Ryan Cole - COVID Mistakes


"Dr Cole talks about the science and data relating to public health measures that we may have been missing, and what treatments should be available to everybody."

"What we have right now [with these #mRNA "vaccines" is an experimental biological gene #therapy immune modulatory injection."

#COVID_19 #COVID19 #COVID #Corona #Virus #CoronaVirus #SARS_COV_2 #SARSCOV2 #Ivermectin #IVM #Treatment #Prophylaxis #Prevention #DrRyanCole #RyanCole

"NASA chose a flat, relatively rock-free patch for Ingenuity’s airfield, measuring 33 feet by 33 feet"


One of the advantages of growing up in CT was the ability to actually go to these (now ) wrestling matches when I was a kid in the 70's.

It was the original in that we (as a child) would argue if wrestling was fake.

to George "The Animal" Steele


Bob Backlund actually became the wrestling coach for


Thinking about and his pathetic and sad conference today.

This song comes to mind.

The 80's was fueled with and was one of the greatest modern-day metal bands.

The smartest thing about this video is that they included LIVE performance.


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