Flipping through the channels the last couple nights while in my hotel room. I keep seeing Don Lemon on CNN, someone I’ve never really watched before. What I find so strange are the guy’s eyes. They look dead. It’s like Lemon is either extremely unhappy, is heavily medicated, or he’s an evil man trying to project a decent facade. Has anyone else noticed how unsettling his eyes and his expression seem during his broadcasts? He’s hollow.

@combaticus I rarely find it worth my while to turn on the TV in the hotel room. Tonight would possibly have been an exception if I compared it to #hotel_inet. The #hotel_wifi connection has been excessively slow, even for a hotel.

@Combaticus Pynchon > Lemon. (Are you finding this statement true?)
T. S. Eliot has a few words on Hollow Men:

@jeremiah yes, Pynchon is excellent. I’m a few hours into the book. Flying tomorrow and will be reading more then! The book is a bit of work to get into, mainly due to the language/accents/conventions of speech, but it’s coming.

Please explain the talking dog. Is this a fantasy?

@Combaticus the term is "magical realism." Despite it's time-frame, it is best described as psychedelic. Characters walk out of stories-within-stories, dreams, etc.

@jeremiah Ah! Very well. I just assumed it was more of a historical fiction. Good to know.


Ever seen the film Milagro Beanfield War, or the TV series Northern Exposure or Wonderfalls? That sort of thing. Except with a much higher IQ. :-)

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