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@Combaticus Correction:

2034: Youtube AI sends a terminator back in time to kill the Paul brothers

@YoVinnie Hey brother. How are you? I see a few folks pinging you. Are you around or have you taken a break for a bit?

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You won’t regret it
You know what you need to do right this second?

You need to watch an 8-year-old girl rip the living shit out of Good Times, Bad Times on drums. Holy hell.


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HI There, @CharleneBrandon. Thanks for following. ITM and TYFYC!

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We're live now at with No Agenda episode 1040 #@pocketnoagenda

Man, I've missed everyone. Nice to be back.

Q: What happened to my subs? Did our instance get nuked or something? I've lost a lot of folks ...

What? Someone told me there’s a party going on!!!!

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This is What Came Out of Me - Episode 26
In today’s episode we talk about the movie I, TONYA...

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“Trump has been around for a year. The FBI has been around since 1908”


No. The FBI does not have a single agent who has been around since 1908. The Presidency has been around since the late 1700s. If you’re comparing institutional longevity, the Presidency is far older.

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@Combaticus @GummyNerds @jeremiah @SLRock @yukiame great movie. Mel Brooks is a bloody genius. A stable one, even.

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This is for my Jordan Peterson fans here. Well written and a more generous and useful critique than I've seen. What say you?