Please, keep making and sending AI-generated "art." It's really, really good and people love it!

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@CoffeeFingers I know
teaching the iterdimensional aliens about our perversions and fears can only be of great benefit to all of us.

@temporaryDouchebag Every shitting bit of code, and every great bit of code, has upon it the impression of its creator. I don't believe the machines are yet creating their own codes, and becoming self-driven.

I, therefore, find a great deal of disgust for software programmers when I am subjected to "AI art" for it is ugly and crude.

@CoffeeFingers imagination simulacrum

i think jb lobsterDoc is right

self awareness requires a body in spatial relation to the environment

the digital environment

is not

@temporaryDouchebag Rotate left 90 degrees... it's just a gal with a horn on her head standing upon one leg.

@CoffeeFingers it's interesting alternate speculation to the solar system origins

and yes

it is an investment

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