How do you buy your beef?

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@CoffeeFingers I buy it when it is marked down! Tuesday's meat is best meat!


With this group I kinda think we need an option for raising it or trading with another farmer (as we did as a child).

@WuTangHam @CoffeeFingers Check the pinned toots atop my profile page. I got links to sites to find co-ops & local farms and ranches and some that will ship you fresh farmed meat and produce to your door even.

USDA is often a bitch req'ing you to use a certified slaughterhouse but if you pre-buy a share of a cow (1/8th on up) a mobile butcher can divy it up at the ranch which is how you get "not for resale" labeled meat pkgs.

@CoffeeFingers 2-4 weeks worth at a time, grassfed, from local permaculture farms who do not use antibiotics or hormones, or chemical sprays on the grass.

@CoffeeFingers you definitely should have put "on the hoof" as an option!

@CoffeeFingers It’s walking around in my backyard. I’m trying to perfect Dwight Schrute’s “Burgers on the Go” device for cows, but it isn’t going so well. We put 2 in the freezer every year.

@CoffeeFingers I'm good, as long as my power doesn't go out for more than a few days.

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