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The free speech extremist folks are having a good time tonight

Listening to NA 1485 from yesterday. Adam & John discuss the guy who’s daughter tried to kill herself at school. They think he says “broke her back”. He’s saying “brought her back”. Full sentence is, “We brought her back from her confusion”

it’s a “digital bio-holographic precipitation crystallization [and] miraculous manifestation of diving frequency vibrations.”

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"The families of nine Sandy Hook victims asked the federal bankruptcy court judge to order that Jones relinquish control of Free Speech Systems"

That’s funny. A few shows ago ACC gripes about people bringing back clips that were played on the show years ago, but JCD replays one from 2 shows ago.

They were looking for the email server in the closet, right?

Does anyone have any info on avoiding being required to have a US Real ID? Right now TSA is saying you won’t be allowed to fly domestically without Real ID compliant id after May 3, 2023.
My current drivers license expires next month and I’m trying to decide whether to comply or not. I do fly occasionally.

I really love Adam & John!
(I hope I survive the purge)

Considering Adam is married, you’d hope he’d only have 1 partner going forward. Or maybe they’re swingers.

“I just want liquor and dirty whores, ‘cause I don’t care no more”

Will I finish working in time for the live stream. Answer: Not if I keep scrolling NAS

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today talking about MDMA. I took ecstasy once in 1995. It was a pretty damn fun experience. Enjoyable enough I figured best to just leave it at 1.

80/20 rule in play. 80% of the shit in my masto feed is propagated by 20% of the people I follow.

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