Super spreader event noticed in Las Vegas Tuesday, dozen's of innocent bystanders all hit in the mouth!


@Jradical Thank you for the suggestion, I will take a look at that in a wee while, I'm at my pc at the moment and have left my cell down stairs, I've been using Amaroq but it just is not for me.

ITM Guys, Looking for a bit of information if anyone can help, I’ve been looking into getting the NoAgenda app for iOS and I can’t tell if it has been updated recently, I’m a cheap Bastard and don’t want to have to pay out for an app thats not up to date.

time. Three years ago, I had started Intermittent Fasting, got back to low carb, then later discovering Vinnie Tortorich and NSNG. Today? I started off the day jogging 8 miles. Down almost 140 pounds from my high, went from 4XL to L shirts, reversed Type 2 Diabetes, and just feel better. This stuff is more than skin deep!

The fur on my legs. The fur under my arms. The fur on my pubic mound. It is mine and it is beautiful. I am not ashamed! I will not put a razor blade to my skin for that is an act of violence for men's/patriarchy's enjoyment. They do not have my compliance! I choose what my body does and I choose to be the female animal that I am. I refuse to be fake in any capacity! I respect my body enough to let it do what it does. And fuck all who think otherwise.

Donate $55 for the 55th birthday of Queen @adam Curry! All hail the Queen!

@PhoneBoy wow. What a difference and what an inspiration congratulations.

The day women and minorities realise that male chauvinist pigs are equal opportunity assholes to women, minorities, and whitey as well.

Ahh, a weekend away from social media, cell service or internet. Swam, grilled, relaxed and seen meteors falling. Digital detox is good, even if only brief.

Big day today, Manchester United at home to Chelsea is a massive game,so c'mon You Reds it's time for some payback.

That was a fun and well-made episode of Doctor Who for the premier. It had me wondering though; with the marked emphasis on the new companion being a lesbian, are they setting us up for a female Doctor next season? At any rate, I'll miss Capaldi. He's great.

I figured I should get my first toot out of the way. Thanks to @adam for turning me on to this whole Mastodon concept and giving us producers a place to interact.

ITM! Toot! Just got done with 920. Excellent show - as usual. Loved the PBS WWI info. I will be checking that series. Thanks for setting up this server, Adam.

Glad JCD isn't dead. We need you both. :) Just finished listening to 920. I little time zoned challenged here in Norway. Hope you all have a fantastic, media free easter.

Congrats to Adam and John for Eps 920,one of the greatest starts to an episode ever,so much info to dig into.

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