I think I have to bow out from the superfantastic NA Social. Since my blood pressure problems have started to become worse my confusion has increased. It's too difficult to follow all the conversations going on and it isn't something my wife can help with. I'll miss you guys and the 10 terabytes of insanity.

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Google buys Fitbit, acquiring users’ health histories & triggering privacy backlash

Google has acquired the fitness tracking device manufacturer Fitbit, unnerving users who hoped to keep their health data out of Big Tech’s clutches. It promises not to use the data for ads, but does anyone really believe that? Read Full Article at RT.com


What the fuck was up Dvoraks ass when he hit the letter from the electric guy?

Watch "To Catch A Predator: Chris Hansen Pickup Lines" on YouTube

We all know it's the dried shit particles causing the smog. I bet Germans have a hand in it somehow.

Millions of masks distributed to students in 'gas chamber' Delhi - BBC News

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@Clambino Its already using blockchain according to some experts. Self-healing too.

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@Clambino Remember when someone archived usenet to the web and called the site Deja Vu so you could lookup things chatted about very quickly. Then Google bought the company and it became Google Groups. Thats where plain text usenet went to die. Whats left is the alt.binaries hierarchy optimized for automated machine downloading and unpacking.

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Is there Mastodon client for Android or desktop that arranges posts into threads?

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