Remember that after school shootings the m5m would nonstop broadcast vigils, crying parents, police press releases, helicopter view shots?

But Uvalde?

I guess that don't help the democrats vote count huh...?

Do you know what a Weimaraner is?

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They hit me in the mouth and I must support!

Fifty Dollar Dynasty band
Value for Value album release, Precession!

Available in all music platforms

Life has transitions that can't be planned for but to see them as mere inconveniences is like wanting to dismiss the chance to learn and grow.

Grab them like a bull in a rodeo, it'll be scary but if you survive you'll be able to laugh after, and remember, there's clowns out there to help you!

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Following @adam 's model Value for Value,
Fifty Dollar Dynasty band releases its next album Precession today!

Support the band that rocks No Agenda together!

Free, but whatever value you see in it:

In all available music platforms:

Have the eggs gone up massively in price?

American Experience doing conspiracy with the plague?!

"...weirdly, no one can seem to agree if it’s actually happening. Depending on the newspaper you read, it could be the start of a nationwide pandemic or an elaborate hoax to destroy the economy. Sound familiar?"

Has any country ever been able to fix its inflation?
If so, which country did it, and how?

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If Israelites are a two tier system now, on what vaccine shot number are they at? 7 or 8?

Is the majority compliant?

Fuck 5 de la mayonesa ,
I rather have Missing Natives Awareness Day.

Y'all forget? Trump assigned the day.

"Elon destroys things"

What things has he destroyed?

Buy a house, they said, it's cheaper than rent...

Rent 720.00 (bills included, and adjusted for inflation)
House 1450.00 + 300.00 of bills...

Explain that math to me...

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That’s great and all, yet I love how these politicians wait until a few months before midterms to promote things the people have been screaming for for months.

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This is how much the US president is afraid of getting shot... This is how much Putin is afraid of getting shot

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